LoL 12.22 - Release Date, Patch Notes, Space Groove Skins, Victorious Sejuani & Latest News

Space Groove Lissandra League of Legends

Space Groove Lissandra League of Legends

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League of Legends Season 12’s final update—apart from the upcoming preseason patch—is finally here. After a long year that had the release of five brand-new champions, plenty of balancing and tuning, and new skins, it’s time to say one last goodbye. That, of course, is in the form of the LoL 12.22 update.

This upcoming patch, like its predecessor, LoL 12.21, will presumably not come with many sweeping changes as League of Legends gears up for Season 13. So far, no official information regarding balancing and tuning has been revealed, however, there will be plenty of skins for players to enjoy.

That being said, here's everything we know so far about LoL 12.22, including its release date, patch notes, skins, and more.

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UPDATED - The official LoL 12.22 patch notes have been revealed!

Riot Games have revealed the official LoL 12.22 patch notes.

The update contains everything coming in Season 13's preseason, from the return of Chemtech Drake and the numerous Jungle updates to the addition and changes of items.

For the full patch notes, visit here.

LoL 12.22 Release Date

Adhering to the League of Legends patch schedule, LoL 12.22 is set to release on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

Once the patch is live, players will be able to enjoy numerous new skins, the new event, as well as plenty of buffs, nerfs, and overall changes from its patch notes

LoL 12.22 Patch Notes

We'll get our first official look at the changes in the LoL 12.22 patch notes via the development team, so keep an eye on the @LoLDev Twitter account over the next few days.

In the meantime, we know that some damage changes for ARAM are hitting the PBE, and some could arrive with LoL 12.22 with more testing to come.

Additionally, Lillia and Rakan are receiving some small changes. Both of the champions will now be classified as melee champions, with Lillia getting some tuning.


Base Stats

  • Now classified as a melee champion
  • Base Health: 625 ⇒ 605
  • Health Growth: 104 ⇒ 105


Base Stats

  • Now classified as a melee champion

LoL 12.22 Skins

As always with a new patch, new skins get added to the game for players to enjoy. For LoL 12.22 there are plenty of new skins on the way, including the reward for everyone's efforts this season, the new Victorious skin.

The new update will bring nine skins to League of Legends, eight of them being additions to the Space Groove line, and the annual Ranked play reward, the Victorious Sejuani skin.

Space Groove Skins 2022

The Space Groove line brings the flair with a disco theme gone intergalactic, and it will welcome 8 new skins in LoL 12.22. This includes Space Groove Gragas, Lissandra, Nami (with a Prestige Edition), Ornn, Taric, Teemo, and Twisted Fate.

While we don't have any pricing info yet, we expect most of these skins to cost 1350 RP with one of them reaching 1820 RP. Nami's Prestige skin will then likely cost 2000 Prestige Points based on Riot's recent history.

Check out these exciting new skins and their splash arts below!

Space Groove Ornn

Space Groove Ornn League of Legends 12.22
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Credit: Riot Games
CALL OF THE GROOVY FORGE GOD: Ornn creates the grooviest of items in his Space Groove skin

Space Groove Taric

Space Groove Taric League of Legends 12.22
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Credit: Riot Games
FABULOUSLY GROOVY: Taric brings the groove to the Rift in his Space Groove skin

Prestige Space Groove Nami

Prestige Space Groove Nami League of Legends 12.22
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Credit: Riot Games
GROOVE WAVE: Nami's ultimate will bring more than just water in her new Space Groove skin

Victorious Sejuani Skin 2022

Rewarding players for reaching Gold or above in Season 12's Ranked ladder is a brand-new Victorious Sejuani skin.

Victorious Sejuani will be free for the players who reached Gold and above in Season 12.

Victorious Sejuani League of Legends 12.22
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Credit: Riot Games
REWARDED: Players who reach Gold or higher get awarded with the Victorious Sejuani skin

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