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LoL Space Groove Skins REVEALED in New Trailer

Space Groove Lux

It's time to get groovy once again in League of Legends as Riot Games revealed the addition of more Space Groove skins via a trailer.

Initially leaked on Halloween day of 2022, the developers have officially confirmed the new skins to be coming in the near future.

LoL Space Groove Skins Trailer Shows Off New Additions to the Line

First introduced last year, 2021, the Space Grove line places League of Legends in the past, celebrating all things 70s and 80s disco music, with a futuristic intergalactic twist. All of the skins are topped off with bright lights and colors.

The seven champions who first joined, among them Rumble, Lux, Blitzcrank, and others, adopted several looks. Nunu, Rumble, and Lulu took on alien-like appearances, while champions like Lux and Samira took on an interstellar pop star look.

Now, they will be joined by eight more namely Gragas, Lissandra, Nami, Ornn, Taric, Teemo, and Twisted Fate, who like them, will adopt new looks, mainly partaking in some sort of disco dance.

Like any new skins akin to this line, several of the champions will receive special animations for their abilities and their recalls. Champions like Taric and Twisted Fate will have disco soundtracks to go with some of their abilities, mashing the ability and music altogether.

It's expected that similar to last year with Lulu getting a Prestige Edition of her Space Groove, another champion will receive the same honors. According to the previously aforementioned leaks, Nami will get to dance a little bit brighter than the rest.

A release date and a price tag have yet to be confirmed for the new additions to the Space Groove line, however, players can expect them very soon.

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