League of Legends Champion Roadmap - champions, releases, and more

League of Legends Milio Champion Teaser

League of Legends Milio Champion Teaser

League of Legends recent 2023 announcements revealed some interesting information about what players should expect in the new year.

With two new champions officially revealed, there are also some older champions being revamped too.

Mid-scope updates are taking the centre stage in 2023 with a host of old champions getting updates.

Ahri's ASU is the first to receive some visual updates but there are even bigger updates coming to those champs who are never picked.

There is also information about possible new champions that the Riot Games dev teams are currently working on.

So, let's look at the champion roadmap for the year 2023 in League of Legends and what it means for players.

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LoL Pls Champion Updates

Ahri ASU in League of Legends

Ahri's ASU is the first big champion change coming to the game with the season 13 release soon.

Ahri ASU in League of Legends
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Her glorious nine-tails have been updated to make for better animation and general style.

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Aurelion Sol CGU in League of Legends

The Aurelion Sol CGU is seeking to help the champion become the star forger that he was destined to be.

Aurelion Sol in League of Legends
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With brand-new abilities, a new look and better gameplay generally, this god will once again become the real OG.

Jax Mid-Scope Update in League of Legends

Jax has also been rumoured to receive his mid-scope update soon.

The Riot developers are surprisingly hush-hush about this endeavour but we know he will be re-released early in the 2023 season.

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New Champion Milio Release

Milio was the first new champion to be revealed in the LoL Pls video.

The Ixtali enchanter uses fire as his primary element and has been told to 'fuse wounds' with his flames.

Milio in League of Legends
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We are expecting Milio to be a support champion. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

Naafiri Release

Naafiri is the next champion to be released after Milio in League of Legends.

She is a darkin assassin who we don't currently know too much about.

There have been leaks stating that she is not humanoid but has some kind of wolf head.

Naafiri in League of Legends
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Riot is also introducing a new mechanic as they stated that she has many bodies.

Perhaps Naafiri is a hive-mind kind of champion? We will have to wait and see.

Skarner VGU

The Skarner VGU has also been kept pretty quiet with only a brief mention in the recent 2023 spotlight video by Riot Games.

This was voted for by the community way back at the beginning of last year.

So, hopefully, we should see him burrow up very soon into League of Legends.

New Jungler and Mid-laner

A new League of Legends jungler and midlaner were also subtly revealed in the champion roadmap.

However, there was not much information about either of these. But we should expect to see them being released much later in the year.

So far, this is all the information we currently have about champion changes and releases.

But, any further information will be updated here. So, keep your eyes peeled.

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