LoL 2023 Mid-Scope Updates - Neeko mid scope update, schedule, and more

Neeko from League of Legends

Neeko from League of Legends

League of Legends Neeko has been a champion who lacks the fun factor and is in desperate need of an update.

Despite players still being able to pull off some pretty nasty combos with the champion, she lacks the power.

This is why Riot Games are giving her a mid-scope update which will be released in the 2023 season.

The dev team have also discussed the opportunity to bring regular mid-scope updates to the game.

Older champions will finally get the TLC they need to help the community fall in love with them again.

As Riot Games choose to dwindle down its champion releases, it seems that MSUs are taking the forefront this year.

So, let's look at mid-scope updates in League of Legends and what to expect with Neeko in League of Legends.

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MSU Instead of New Champions

The news that Riot Games will be drastically reducing the number of champions released each year was not received well.

The League of Legends community always loves the release of new champions as it gives them time to learn a new skill set and play style.

Neeko ultimate ability in League of Legends
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However, the Riot Games dev team are combatting this by increasing the number of mid-scope updates each year.

A mid-scope update refreshes older champions in the game so they can get back to their former glory.

Riot Games wants to increase the number of MSUs to one every one to two months.

So, if you have a main who could do with some TLC, then 2023 may be your year to get back into them.

Neeko in League of Legends

News of the Neeko mid-scope update is bright for the mains of the curious champion.

There have been multiple leaks about her suspected abilities and what that may mean for her champion.

However, we now know that the leak of her being able to turn into an item is confirmed.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that this will be her passive ability.

Although we don't have an official full list of what items she can turn into, we can speculate on what may be included.

So she may be able to turn into...

  • Towers
  • Jungle Creeps
  • Minions
  • Wards
  • Much more

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