*LATEST* League of Legends Ahri ASU - Release date and skins

League of Legends Ahri KDA Prestige

League of Legends Ahri KDA Prestige

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League of Legends has seen a lot more champion reworks arrive lately, and there are lots more on the way. The dev team is moving towards revitalising old champions rather than releasing new ones, which will bring the game up to date more than ever before.

Ahri is the latest champion to receive some love, with visual art updates following her mid-scope update in 2022. Here's everything you need to know about when it drops and what she will look like following the changes.

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League of Legends Ahri ASU Release Date

Champion reworks have been coming thick and fast over the last couple of months, and they look set to continue. Jax is in for a mid-scope update, as is Neeko, and Aurelion Sol. More reworks are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Arcade Ahri League of Legends
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Unfortunately, we have no exact date for Ahri's ASU to drop just yet, but we do have a time frame. The update is set to release very soon according to the devs, so expect it shortly after the beginning of Season 13.

An ASU updates the art of champions and their skins in League of Legends, but also their sustainability. This means that the code behind a champion is reworked to make sure they remain viable as the game progresses.

Ahri Skin Updates

While Ahri's in-game art will remain the same, her splash art for the base character and skins is getting a revamp. This will bring it in line with how she currently looks in game. Here are all the skins getting a new look:

Some newer skins are seeing very minor changes, while older ones like Midnight Ahri have seen a major update. This certainly helps the champion feel more up-to-date, given the level of detail in recent League of Legends skins.

In addition to this, Ahri's abilities are getting some slight changes to their VFX, once again to bring her in line with current champions. All these changes will go live very shortly.

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