LoL Patch 12.15: New Skins, Release Date, Price, and More

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The latest League of Legends patch 12.15 has dropped today! This includes some tweaks and changes to champions, bug fixes, and most excitingly, brand new skins! Read the full patch notes here.

The monster tamer skins are out this week after the release of patch 12.15 today. An array of champions will each get these brightly coloured skins. In total, there will be three skins for three different champions.

So, let's take a look at all the information we have about the skin line.

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Release date for Patch 12.15 and Monster Tamer skins

Patch 12.15 is out today for the League of Legends community to enjoy. However, the Monster Tamer skins will get their release tomorrow. Thursday, 11 August is the date to keep your eyes glued to the shop in order to get these skins.

Who is getting a skin?

There are three champions who are lucky enough to get a skin from this new set. These champions include...

  • Monster Tamer Veigar
League of Legends Veigar
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  • Monster Tamer Lulu
Lulu and Zap'Maw
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  • Monster Tamer Zap'Maw

It makes sense that some of the cutest yordles are getting these skins. The bright colours and happy smiles really help to show the yordle culture in Bandle City.

Perhaps calling Veigar cute would not be the best move, as his skin from this line seems to have a much darker tone instead... even if he is still adorable.

How much do the Monster Tamer skins cost?

These skins are all Epic tier skins meaning they will cost 1350 RP.

The prices don't seem too steep considering just how cute these skins are. However, looking at the recent Riot Points price hike, they may not be so worth it, so beware.

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