League of Legends: Summoners Furious With RP Price Increases

Riot is increasing the price of their in-game League of Legends currency. Riot Points (RP) will increase by up to 20% in some regions and the community isn’t pleased.

At a time like this, where everything is going up, it makes sense that Riot is feeling the crunch too. Because of this, the company are increasing the prices of their coveted RP.

Riot Points are used in the game to purchase things like skins, wards, and much more. The thing about RP is that players can buy it instead of working for it as you do with blue essence.

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The announcement for League of Legends

Riot posted a blog post on their official website detailing the price changes for RP last night. They stated that from August 19 RP and TFT coins will have a price increase.

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They did this to

"account for worldwide inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between and within regions, consistency across our products, and other associated cost increases"

The price increases will hit most regions of their games due to "economic shifts on a global scale, hence the worldwide impact.".

The promotion

Riot is well aware that summoners may not be happy with this change, so they have offered a deal. Every region will receive a double "bonus" RP from July 14 to July 31.

After this promotional deal, the original bonus RP will return until August 19 when the increased prices drop.

They also mentioned other changes for their games including:

  • Correcting cases where some regions didn't have a single-transaction way to get 1350 RP champion skins.
  • Switching most real-world currency prices to the standard "$X.99" model seen across mobile markets.

Full details of the change can be found on their official blog website post here.

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