League of Legends Nilah Champion Guide: Builds, Runes, and More

Nilah from League of Legends is finally here on the Rift. Her unique kit and playstyle are a little different from other ADCs though.

There are 161 champions in League of Legends now. However, with recent champions being very unique to the game, Nilah is also following this trend. The melee ADC has a bunch of healing and shielding to make her viable against ranged ADCs.

However, before taking her into the League of Legends, let's look at builds and her runes so you don't int.

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Runes for Nilah

ADCs have always had their strength in their auto attacks and Nilah isn't any different. However, Nilah's kit also means that she does very well in prolonged fights whereas other ADCs may lack the mana for their abilities.

Nilah runes from League of Legends
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The most commonly played rune path for Nilah is

  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Bloodline
  • Last Stand
  • Conditioning
  • Overgrowth

Damage and sustain are key to becoming strong as Nilah in-game, and these runes are perfect for that.

Items that work well with Nilah

With Nilah's innate healing, buying lifesteal on her is another way to abuse the durability update. Immortal Shieldbow is perfect for this and will provide the ADC with enough healing to carry. Additionally, it provides her with a way to stay alive during the early game which is tricky for her.

Berserker Greaves is really the only choice of boots for Nilah... or any ADC for that matter. In addition, auto-attacking is made so much easier and means that escaping a sticky situation is easy too.

Bloodthirster is a brilliant build to really get the edge on the enemy with healing. Not only a brilliant way to put out damage but the item also provides a bunch of AD to abuse the enemy out of the lane.

Her full item build goes as follows...

  1. Immortal Shieldbow
  2. Beserker's Greaves
  3. Bloodthirster
  4. Death's Dance
  5. Infinity Edge
  6. Phantom Dancer

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