Best ADC and Support Duos in Season 12

The bot lane in League of Legends is a place that is successful usually down to good synergy. Whether this synergy is gained by playing duo queue often or by selecting certain champs. Synergy is crucial to having a good time.

Entering a lane with a random support can provide an extra level of stress as both pairs have to figure out the intricacies of their playstyles and of course, synergy.

To eliminate the stress of knowing what champions to choose, here are the best ADC and Support duos in Season 12.

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Lucian and Braum

Lucian and Braum's passives are the wombo combo that every bot lane needs to try at least once. The way in which Lucian can pop Braum's passive the fastest out of all the champions makes these two a dynamic duo.

The way in which Lucian's ult can be stopped by incoming projectiles also is solved by Braum's shield. Pop Lucians ult, Pop Braum's shield and watch the magic unfold.

Jhin and Vi

Popular in the lower leagues, this duo provide a menacing mic of range and long-distance which covers a lot of the issues for the ADC.

Well placed plants covered with a W provide Vi with a perfect chance to engage with either her ult or her Q ability. This then lets Jhin lead up to his fourth shot which can be finished off with an ult if needed.

Xayah and Rakan

The obvious choice for a duo in bot lane is the long time sweethearts Xayah and Rakan. As these champions were literally designed for each other, it makes sense that they are included on this list.

With Rakan's ult bringing the team together, it makes for a perfect opportunity for Xayah's ult to deal damage and get her stuns off. A truly brilliant combo, it's a wonder they aren't married yet!

Twisted Fate and Shen

One of the weirder duos on this list, their ultimates provide travel to any area of the map and can be utilised to help in skirmishes, objectives or even just to push waves.

Alongside this is their CC which pairs nicely with Twisted Fate's stun and Shen's taunt. Going from a taunt into a stun not only damages the teammates heavily but is a combo begging for tilted enemies.

Overall, the bot laning stage is something that can be catered to any champion, so have fun and explore the varieties of champions that can be used in the bot lane!

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