League of Legends Latest Champion Nilah Sets Pattern for ADC Role

Nilah's release has caused discussions in the League of Legends community, especially about her passive. There has been a recent trend with ADC releases. Their abilities are made to purposefully work with an enchanter support.

2022 has seen a whole bunch of champions released in a short period of time, but it seems that Riot has a bigger picture in mind. Trying to keep champions relevant is always a tricky thing in an ever-changing environment. However, Riot has cracked it.

With all the champions piecing together, let's look at what the League of Legends community is discussing.

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Nilah and Zeri's similarities

Protection from an ally directly benefits both these champions with their kit. Zeri gains bonus movement speed when she has been shielded. Nilah also gets increased healing and shielding from ally abilities. Additionally, she generates extra heals and shields for herself or her allies under the right conditions.

However, Nilah's passive ability is definitely more suited for enchanter supports. This could be due to her melee nature, which makes an enchanter support perfect for her.

What does this mean for future ADCs

Marksman in League of Legends has had a bit of a hard year recently. Most ADCs have been suffering from the lack of damage and facing assassins is problematic. However, the recent releases of Zeri and Nilah perhaps point to a decision that Riot is making.

The recent "meta" for bot lane has been all over the place too. So Riot may be pushing these champions' abilities so that they can bring back tradition. This means the typical enchanter support and ADC may be more common..

Although there are no confirmed reports from Riot, it is just an interesting conversation being had in the community. If Riot was to go down this route, it may deter some people from playing the double lane. Facing champions with in-built synergy will always be tricky.

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