LoL Lunar Gods Skins - new skins revealed for the new year

Going out with a bang, Riot Games have teased the next set of skins in League of Legends.

Both the skin lines are titled Mythmakers and Lunar Gods and each celebrates the lunar new year at the end of this month.

These sets of skins have only been teased so far, instead of fully revealed.

This means that we currently only have small in-game footage clips of the skins.

However, hopefully, we will get some splash art to highlight the beauty in these skins.

Until then, let's take a look at what champions are included in these League of Legends lines, an expected release date and more.

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Mythmaker and Lunar Gods Skins in League of Legends Revealed

Riot Games updated their social media accounts yesterday with a small clip of the brand-new skins coming.

The champions shown in the skins were some who hadn't gotten skins for a while.

So, players who main these champs can have a field day with these great new skins being released.

There are ten champions who will get these New Year-themed skins.

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What Champions will get the New Skins?

Here is the full list of champions getting these skins...

  • Mythmaker Ashe
  • Mythmaker Kha’Zix
  • Mythmaker Malphite
  • Mythmaker Qiyana
  • Myth Maker Thresh
  • Moon gods Galio
  • Cooking of the Moon Gods
  • Moon gods Irelia
  • Moon gods Sivir
  • Moon gods Zyra

Lunar Gods and Mythmakers Skins Release Date

This set of skins is on the PBE currently and can be played by those with a PBE account.

However, they will be put into the live game a little later this year.

There hasn't yet been an official release date for these skins. However, we should expect to see them soon.

As they are celebrating the lunar New Year, we should be seeing them before December 31, 2022, or just after.

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