League of Legends Polaris Winter Skins REVEALED

Polaris Zilean League of Legends

Polaris Zilean League of Legends

Winter is coming to Runeterra in League of Legends as Riot Games has revealed a brand-new skin line perfectly in time for the chilly months. Titled "Polaris," this new line will have six champions perfectly geared for the cold.

The introduction of the Polaris skins breaks a two-year drought of League of Legends not having new holiday or winter skins.

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New Polaris Skins Revealed for League of Legends

Now that the spooky month of October—and its aptly named and themed Bewitching skin line—are well past us, it's time to look forward to the holiday season with brand-new winter skins.

This new skin line has six total champions, namely Diana, Zoe, Zilean, Shaco, Swain, and Warwick, dressed from head to toe in winter-time wear. Anything from thick jackets to knee-high boots perfect to walk in the snow is all included. The Polaris skins are all topped off with smooth and cool wintertime colors. Soothing purples and greens to the soft themes and hues associated with the season give the champions a mystical aura, giving them a sense of belonging in the new alternate universe.

For most of the champions partaking in the Polaris skins—apart from Shaco and Zilean who both have winter skins, Sugar Rush Zilean, and Nutcracko respectively—it will be the first time they receive winter-themed skins. Additionally, the Polaris line marks the first time Zilean receives a new skin in two years, coincidentally, his last new skin was Sugar Rush Zilean.

Normally, the developers over at Riot Games release winter and holiday skins on a yearly basis, however, ever since the Sugar Rush line in 2019, that hasn't been the case. The Polaris skins are the first winter-themed skin line introduced to League of Legends in two years.

Abilities and special animations, such as different recall animations, have yet to be revealed by riot games, but they should be expected to arrive in League of Legends PBE soon.

Information regarding an official release date or price for the Polaris skins has also yet to be revealed. However, players can expect these to be similar to ones in the past.

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