Chonobreak League of Legends: What is it and How does it Work?

Ekko Lol

Ekko Lol

League of Legends Worlds 2022 is well under way, as the best talent in the World is in North America to compete for the Ultimate Prize. The group stage is on now, as teams compete in a double round robin for the chance at best-of-five knockouts.

As with any big event though, everything doesn't always go to plan. Peripheral issues and bugs arise, and Riot needs a tool to keep things fair for the teams competing. That's where Chronobreak comes in.

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What is a Chronobreak in Lol?

Chronobreak is a tool used to reset a game of League of Legends back to a previous time stamp. Whether it's a few seconds or several minutes, players then continue playing as if the time in between never happened.

Ekko Chronobreak
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Chronobreak is named after Ekko's Ultimate, where he snaps back to a position he was in exactly 4 seconds previously. While the time is more flexible in the game tool, the principle is remarkably similar.

How does Chronobreak Work?

Take Fnatic vs T1 at Worlds 2022, when Gumayusi's mouse disconnected in a fight, the game was rolled back 10 seconds. Since issues like this would be an unfair advantage, the game cannot continue as is.

Lol Pre Chronobreak
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The technology was first revealed by Riot in 2017 in Cloud 9 vs Flyquest in the NA LCS. Where previously games would have to be remade after an issue like this, players now only lose a few seconds of gameplay.

Whether it's due to a visual bug, audio or peripheral issue, or something else, this tool is invaluable to the competitive integrity of Lol Esports. Rewinding the game via Chronobreak is a simple yet brilliant tool to allow games to thrive despite inevitable issues.

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