Rogue Hands DRX First Loss of Worlds 2022 as LEC 1st Seed

Rogue Worlds 2022

Rogue Worlds 2022

Rogue has come out of nowhere towards the end of this year. In a LEC finals many expected to go the way of G2 Esports, they absoutely dominated to finally take their first title, and now they're looking to Worlds.

Worlds 2022 is already well under way, with some surprising teams already coming out ahead in the group stage. Here's how Rogue became one of them.

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Comfort Picks Picked DRX Apart

Rogue's topside is always a huge asset to the team, but when they fit together perfectly, like in the LEC finals and today, they are a sight to behold. All three players took comfort picks and absolutely excelled.

Odoamne is no stranger to the Maokai, and having that flex pick in the meta is a huge asset to the team. Showing the World how unstoppable the pick can be with resources, Odo was unkillable and unshakeable, while also outputting the secind most damage in the game.

Odo Worlds 2022
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Malrang is even more familiar with the Trundle. An early game powerhouse he often fell back on in the LEC, he was able to shut down playmaking attempts from DRX's mid-jungle.

Finally, Larssen on Azir needs no introduction. We've seen Azir picked into Akali all day, but Larssen showed us how good the pick can be as a counter. Always able to fish Zeka out of the backline and ruin his day, Larssen was peel personified in the mid-lane for Rogue.

Lucian/Nami is nerfed, Comp/Trymbi is not

Finishing the game 9/1/7, Comp absolutely dominated in the bot-lane. Deft is no easy opponent, but Comp made it look easy, outputting insane damage while being too slippery to get punished for it.

Comp and Tymbi Worlds
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With Akali and Lee Sin diving at him for the duration of the game, Comp was still able to melt through DRX, with the peel from Trymbi and the top side to help him out.

Rogue still have a way to go if they want to make the quarter-finals, but this win is a huge statement over a previously undefeated DRX.

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