FAKER UNLEASHED: T1 Demolish Reigning World Champs EDG at Worlds 2022

T1 vs EDG Worlds

T1 vs EDG Worlds

The last time Faker lifted the Summoners Cup was at 2016 Worlds, in North America. Now he's back, and he's looking to speedrun Worlds 2022. Two of the tournament favourites, fans expected a tight game, but we got anything but.

After only 22 minutes, missing the tournament record by only seconds, T1 hit EDG's nexus for the last time. Let's take a look at the story of this incredible display of League of Legends at Worlds 2022.

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A Perfect Execution by T1

Finishing 7/1/7, Faker was the point man and carry for T1 this game. Expertly surviving the tough lane matchup versus Azir, he was able to unlock himself from mid early, and begin wreaking havoc across the map at Worlds 2022.

Faker Worlds
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With a Yummi strapped to his back, Faker was diving Tier 2 Towers with his team before plates even fell. EDG looked helpless as he launched himself at their back line.

Zeus was never far behind, having taken the high skill expression Fiora pick. After relentlessly bullying Ornn in lane, he joined up with the team and danced around EDG while faker sliced and diced. Leading damage for the team, he was essential in breaking down the front line.

Supporting Cast On Point

Gumayusi has had a rough summer, but looks back on form for Worlds. Playing the hyperscaling Sivir, he weathered the early-game Kalista opponent in lane, and as mid-game hit was a force to be reckoned with.

Not afraid to flash forward to secure a kill, Gumayusi looks back to his old self and showed he can play old champions despite a dynamic meta. Keria was instrumental on the Yuumi that allowed Faker and Zeus to pop off with no fear of death.

Lee Sin Worlds
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Oner went as an unsung hero, often having to sacrifice his life to begin a fight. While EDG watched him though, Faker and Zeus were lurking and ready to pounce, so fights would never have worked without him.

If T1 can keep up the pace, which looks blistering from all LCK teams at Worlds 2022, they are undoubtedly a favourite to take a historic 4th Worlds Title.

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