Jankos and Flakked to Leave G2 Esports for 2023 LEC Season

G2 Jankos and Flakked

G2 Jankos and Flakked

The LEC offseason is here, as only Rogue remains standing at Worlds, and other teams are looking to make sure they can put up a better fight next year. Few teams will be more disappointed with their international performance than G2, with only 1 win in groups.

After a disastrous 2021 with Rekkles in the ADC role, it was hoped that the changes this year would bring back the G2 glory days. However the year as a whole has been rocky, and clearly larger changes were needed. Here's everything we know so far.

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Jankos and Flakked are out

Jankos joined G2 5 years ago for the 2018 Season, along with Wunder, joining Perkz for the beginnings of the 2019 superteam. Jankos and Caps have been synonymous with G2 for a number of years now, but it looks like the duo may finally be splitting.

G2 2019
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Jankos has won 5 LEC titles with G2 Esports, 4 in the glory days of 2019 and 2022, and 1 this year in Spring. The first-blood-king has earned an impressive international reputation, including an MSI title in 2019 and a Worlds runner up the same year.

With Carlos being asked to leave G2, and a less than inspiring performance on the Worlds Stage this year, it's no great surprise that changes are afoot.

Flakked's first year in the LEC has been an impressive one, but apparently no so far as to stay on. Expect him to still land on his feet in an LEC team, but no one knows where just yet.

Jankos and Flakked Next Teams

Unfortunately, we have no information just yet on where the two players will end up. Jankos though will no doubt be in huge demand this offseason. Some potentials for teams are:

G2 Jankos
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  • Fnatic
  • MAD Lions


  • SK Gaming
  • Astralis
  • BDS

All these teams contain players that are rumoured to leave, have contracts expiring, or are expected to make changes in the offseason. Only time will tell however where they will end up.

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