You Can't Touch Trymbi: Rogue Smash Top Esports to go 3-0 in their Group at Worlds 2022

Trymbi Lol Worlds

Trymbi Lol Worlds

Worlds 2022 has been a spectacle of teams rising, falling, and in some cases, exceeding all of our expectations. Rogue definitely fall into the latter category, as they have defeated all teams in their group, to go 3-0 up heading into week two.

When Rogue crushed G2 in the LEC finals, they looked on fire, but many feared they wouldn't be able to capture the same magic at Worlds. But if you're an LEC fan, fear not, as Rogue are not in North America to take second place.

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Rogue Trymbi: The Untouchable Demon King

Trymbi has made some spicy picks work this season. His Soraka famously terrorised G2 with Comp's Kalista, engaging from range on an enchanter support. Rakan has seen even less play than Soraka of late, but Trymbi has shown us just how powerful the champion still is.

Rakan Worlds
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On the Rakan (which as we all know is the best champion in the game), Trymbi was able to run rings around TES, even having the Kalista Ultimate to pull him out and send him in for one last engage.

Malrang was no less impressive on his Lee Sin, a famed pick for the Korean Jungler. His Insec kicks set up much of Rogue's play, and he made the Lee Sin work where many have doubted its effectiveness at Worlds 2022.

Larssen and Comp: Business as Usual

Larssen and Comp are used to stepping up at Worlds now; they have one job, and it's to output as much damage as they can, while the team puts the pieces in place. With a Rakan and a Lee Sin this time, to kick or charm TES into their path, their job was simple.

Rogue Worlds 2022
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Despite being a simple job though, they executed to perfection. A rough matchup for Larssen in the Azir, and for Comp in the Trundle, were no problem for the two players. If Rogue can continue like this at Worlds 2022, nothing will stand between them and the Summoner's Cup.

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