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Rekkles to Leave Karmine Corp, Team Liquid's Hans Sama Returning to EU as Replacement.

Karmine Corp Rekkles

Karmine Corp is already making moves in the offseason, following their failure to qualify for EU Masters this summer. After an unsuccessful year on G2 Esports in 2021, Rekkles' move to the LFL team is one nobody saw coming, but now he may be moving on after just one year.

Team Liquid seems equally keen to move fast on Changes after the team failed to qualify for worlds, falling to Evil Geniuses in the LCS Playoffs. Read on for everything we know so far about the changes.

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Is Hans Sama returning to the LEC?

Team Liquid's bot laner, Steven 'Hans Sama' Liv, is reportedly having his contract terminated, according to sources of LEC Wooloo on Twitter. With the Team announcing changes after their very expensive roster fell short of expectations, it seems Hans is first on the chopping block.

Hans Sama previously played in the LEC for Rogue in 2021, securing two top-three finishes in playoffs alongside Trymbi in the bot lane. We may see him back in the League of Legends European Championship soon though.

Karmine Corp is rumoured to be in talks with Astralis, regarding a deal over their LEC spot, according to sources of Upcomer. If the pool of ADC talents in Europe wasn't stacked already, it's about to be.

What's next for Rekkles?

Rekkles is now reportedly exploring options in the LEC. Expect more details after Worlds, but until then, teams like Vitality that are looking to make changes could well be on the cards.

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With old names like Hans Sama and Rekkles returning, and new talents like Comp showing they can beat the best, expect sparks to fly in the bot lane next season.

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