How to Reduce Ping in LoL

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League of Legends ping can sometimes drop for unknown reasons and cause issues with the speed of gameplay.

However, there are multiple things that a player can do to ensure that they have a low ping and smoother gameplay.

From closing down unneeded apps to upgrading your computer, there are many ways in which a player can combat this issue.

Ping is the speed it takes for your computer to register your actions and put them into effect on the game.

So, if someone has 1,000 ms or ping, then that would take one whole second to process on the screen.

But, let's look at what ping is and how to lower it to ensure that gameplay remains smooth in League of Legends 2023.

What is Ping in League of Legends?

Ping in LoL will often show at the top of your screen with a number followed by 'ms'.

All online games will have this ms measurement to ensure that players are playing at their best.

But, ping measures the time it takes for players to input with their mouse or keyboard and for the server to recognise this ping.

Some good measurements for ping are...

  • Less than 30 ms is perfect for most online games
  • 30 – 50 ms is the average ping for most gamers
  • 50 – 100 ms is a little high and players may begin to notice a delay in gameplay
  • 100 ms – 500 ms will cause frustration for many players and can really be affecting on the speed of online gaming

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Reducing Ping

Reducing ping is no easy feat and must be understood with two important factors.

These include how close you are to the server and how many people are using the server at one time.

Bad infrastructure to servers can also cause issues with ping or server-side technical issues can also affect how high this is.

It is always best to connect to the internet with an ethernet cable, or at least have your setup nearer to the router.

This avoids any spikes in ping and makes the process much smoother.

Minimising other network activity is also key to ensuring that you have a high speed to play League of Legends.

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