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*UPDATED* LoL: All Big Champion Updates Coming in 2022 and 2023

League of Legends champions is constantly changing to stay viable in the meta.

However, as these changes often unbalance other champions, there are constant changes made regularly.

Additionally, some of the bigger changes include visual and graphical updates too.

Riot Games are always ones to plan ahead.

So, let's look at their confirmed plans for League of Legends champions getting big updates in 2022 and 2023.

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*UPDATED* Developers Reveal Schedule for MSU Releases

A new developer blog for League of Legends has revealed some new information about some big champion updates.

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Skarner League of Legends VGU

Skarner was voted as the champion to receive a VGU by the community.

This update will not only be huge for Skarner, but also for the species of Brackern within Runeterra.

Skarner League of Legends
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Re-designing him means that their whole species will also bring a new change.

Skarner's lore will also get some updates and perhaps merge with other champions to make him fit in a bit better.

Aurelion Sol CGU

Aurelion Sol has always been a bit of an outsider in-game.

Aurelion Sol League of Legends
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It's rare to find a Sol main that is still invested in this champion.

This is why a complete gameplay update will be brilliant for the champion to make him finally viable and fun to play.

Ahri League of Legends ASU

Ahri will be getting a much-needed upgrade to her animations and general aesthetic with an ASU.

Ahri League of Legends
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A blog post from RIot's official website detailing the plans with this champion update.

Some of their focus for her re-design was her tails due to how iconic they are in-game.

Syndra mid-scope update

The durability update did a number on some champions and Syndra was definitely one of them.

Syndra League of Legends
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She has been forced out of the mid-lane meta by other stronger champions.

Riot did not like this and has set up a mid-scope update for the high-damage champion.

There are some really big changes coming to her passive which will completely change her old playstyle.

Neeko mid-scope update

Neeko has a very strong personality and lore which makes her perfect for a mid-scope update.

Neeko League of Legends
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This hasn't had any official date or year released, but with the number of updates coming in 2022? 2023 is our best bet.

Rell League of Legends mid-scope update

Since its release, players have struggled with Rell's playstyle.

League of Legends Rell
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This came to the attention of Riot who have decided to give her a mid-scope update.

With such a low play rate. Hopefully, this will make her a viable support pick again.

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