*LATEST* League of Legends ADC Nerfs - riot announced devastating changes

Jhin from League of Legends

Jhin from League of Legends

The League of Legends ADC role has been in a state of constant shifting during seasons 12 and 13.

Riot Games have noticed the disarray of the role and recently combatted this with some huge buffs to ADC champions and items.

However, realising the strength that ADCs have, Riot Phreak has hinted at some huge nerfs coming to the role.

Amidst this current tank meta, this is a bold decision for the gaming giant and seems disruptive.

With a focus on making the role 'fun', this seems like a big task with the current momentum of tank players.

So, let's look at what Phreak has said about the ADC roles and what players should expect to see soon in League of Legends.

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Phreak Comments on the ADC Role

Riot's very own employee, David 'Phreak' Turley released a rundown of patch 13.5 which also gave some hints for 13.6.

When describing the changes coming up, Phreak stated how the ADC role is currently in a very strong position.

This then leads him to state that there will be nerfs coming to the role soon.

Riot Phreak stated...

"AD carry is a very overpowered role right now and it’s gonna get nerfed, don’t worry… I think perceptions is pretty aggressively now caught up with the power level and we can pretty safely nerf AD carry back down. But the hope is that through the buffs and nerfs, the role still feels more fun than before"

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Season 13 ADC in League of Legends

Season 13 in the bot lane has been better than most seasons of the game due to big buffs.

With items such as Navori Quickblades and Infinity Edge getting some big changes, it makes sense that the role is strong.

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League of Legends Patch 13.6 Preview

The preview released by another Riot employee also revealed some changes coming up to ADC items.

League of Legends Draven
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In particular, Bloodthirster, Navori Quickblades, Lethal Tempo, and Legend: Bloodline are all getting some big nerfs.

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