Hacker Tries to Auction League of Legends Source Code

League of Legends current hacker situation has worsened as the alleged source code is put up for auction.

Riot Games had a cyber-attack last week which was thought to not have caused much damage.

However, after being held at ransom for the source code to their popular League of Legends, things have changed.

After refusing to pay the ransom, the code is now being sold elsewhere.

The gaming giant has stayed perfectly honest and open with their community, but there are still doubts.

As far as we know, there is no threat to the player database or personal information.

But, let's look at the current situation with the League of Legends source code and how this may affect the community and the company.

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League of Legends Source Code Auction

The hacker who refers to themselves as 'Arka' or 'ArkaT' has now posted the code on a popular forum that traffics in stolen databases.

Proof of the code was shown with a number of files that belong to Riot Games.

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According to the posting, the leaker got access to 72GB of data from Riot Games.

Arka is hoping that people who create cheats will pay big for the source code of the game.

Crafting cheats and further hacks are much simpler with the code to work with too.

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How did Arka get the Source Code?

The source code for League of Legends is not so easy to get with the huge security team that the company has.

But, conversations between the hacker and vx-underground have been revealed on Twitter and detailed this.

The 'social engineering' that Arka speaks of is most likely a phishing message sent to a Riot Games employee.

From here, we expect that he was able to get their login credentials and view all of the content that they own.

Riot Games have been incredibly open and honest about the situation. So, further updates will be updated here.

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