LoL Best ADCs to Play in Patch 13.1b

The League of Legends ADC role has been completely overshadowed since last year's durability update.

With the tank meta still looming with the most recent new items to the game, ADCs are finally getting the treatment they need.

So, in patch 13.1.b, many ADC champions and items were buffed pretty heavily to ensure the role is still viable.

However, the community are worried that these changes to the role may make ADC reign supreme again.

But, which champions are the best to play in the current meta of League of Legends?

Let's look at the best ADC champions to play in the current patch 13.1b with the recent buffs.

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Draven from League of Legends
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Draven is currently the most banned ADC in the new season of LoL.

Despite there being no champion changes to him, he still holds the highest banned ADC.

A typical build with Draven would be for life steal or attack speed and with the recent changes to Bloodthirster, this may pose a slight issue.

But it's still a very strong item and does very well when paired with Draven.

Twitch ADC in League of Legends

Twitch from League of Legends
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Twitch has recently been playing a lot as a support. But, Twitch ADC is still very viable in the current meta.

With the perfection required critical strike chance changed from 60% to 40%, and many ADCs will begin to buy this as their second item.

This means a better critical strike chance for him as well as increased damage.

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Xayah from League of Legends
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Xayah has had some adjustments to her kit which makes her perfect for the new patch in the game.

The changes are...

  • Mana Regeneration Growth: 0.75 ⇒ 0.8

This means that any mana issues with the champion are a bit better to deal with.

Additionally, buying some of the updated ADC items with the champion makes her even more fun in patch 13.1b.

League of Legends Samira

Samira from League of Legends
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Samira has not had any major changes in the most recent patch of the game.

However, her strength since release has always been undeniable.

Her ultimate ability is what drives her strength and can save her from most situations.

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