*LATEST* LoL Source Code Held at Ransom - Riot Games won't pay

Amumu crying from League of Legends

Amumu crying from League of Legends

A recent cyber-attack on Riot Games has meant that the source code from the game has been stolen and is being held for ransom.

The cyber-attack a week ago caused issues for the community as they were concerned that their data had been stolen.

Luckily, this was not the case, However, now the source code for the game is being held ransom by the hackers.

Riot has been approached by them and has been asked for a large sum of money to get the code back.

The official updates on the situation have been posted to the official Twitter page of the company.

With Riot Games refusing to pay the fee, there isn't much information about what will happen next.

So, let's look at the recent cyber-attack on Riot Games, how they have responded to the ransom and what this means for players.

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*LATEST* Hacker Now Auctions Source Code for 1 Million

The hacker has been in discussion with a cyber-attack group and discussed how they have stolen the code.

League of Legends source code has also been put up for auction with bids starting at 1 million.

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Riot Games Cyber-Attack

The cyber-attack on the company happened last week and posed a big security breach.

Because of this, the company put a temporary pause on any content releases in any of its games.

Despite there being no risk to its communities' data, there has now been another development in the situation.

The source code for the game has been stolen by hackers and is being held at ransom.

Riot has officially released a statement saying...

"Needless to say, we won’t pay."

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How Does This Affect Riot and its League of Legends Community?

The cyber-attack means that Riot Games will have a delay with content releases in all of their games.

But, this recent source code that has been stolen has some experimental features and mechanics that are being prototyped.

Vi from League of Legends
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Additionally, the concern for major cheats and other hacks increases as hackers can find weaknesses directly in the source code.

Riot is currently working with the law, its security team, and consultants to find a way to fix this huge issue.

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