Fnatic's League of Legends team Kneecapped as two players test positive for COVID-19

Fnatic Lol team

Fnatic Lol team

Fnatic might have some serious plot armour when it comes to the LEC Playoffs, but as Worlds approaches, it seems to have a chink in it. Two Players on their starting roster are now out in the run-up to the most important event of the year.

The play-in stage is less than a week away, so Fnatic will have to recover fast. Let's take a look at what we know so far.

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Fnatic's Covid Problem

Upset and Hylissang, Fnatic's bot-lane, have been revered at various points in the last two years as the best in the west. They will be crucial to the team's success at Worlds but have both unfortunately been stricken with Covid.

Rumours began circulating as it emerged via leaks from LEC insiders that the team wasn't scrimming other teams in the weeks before Worlds. This came as a shock for fans, as Fnatic have been showing promise in recent games, despite their loss to Rogue in the LEC Playoffs.

As their bot lane is out sick, the team has been unable to meet, and unable to practice as a unit. Odoamne, top-laner for Rogue revealed that the 2 days of scrims they had planned with Fnatic were cancelled.

Upset and Hylissang Worlds Misfortune

This is not the first time Fnatic have been handed a huge setback just before Worlds. Only last year, Upset had to bow out before the group stage to deal with personal issues.

Bean had to step in from Fnatic's academy team, and despite his best efforts the synergy just wasn't there. Fnatic came last in their group with a disappointing 1-5 scoreline.

Hopefully for Fnatic fans, Upset and Hylissang will recover in time to get some practice in, and the team can fully live up to their potential at Worlds.

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