Lol Worlds Pickems: Predictions, Tips, and Tricks

Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022

Pickems for the League of Legends World Championships are live, and Worlds 2022 is here! There are great rewards on offer, and a chance to support your favourite teams.

If you're new to League of Legends, or just need a refresher, here's a helping hand, as well as our predictions for Pickems this year.

Whether you're unsure about who might reverse sweep, or just what champions are meta, we're here to help. Also check out our Worlds Teams Tier List, for a rundown of who we expect to do well.

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Lol Pickems - Player Tips

When it comes to players, there are two main things to consider: The number of games they will play, and previous performance. So if a player will play more games at Worlds, they are more likely to get more total kills.

RNG lol team
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For these catagories, the number of games is very important:

  • Who will play the most different Champions at Worlds?
  • Who will get the most First Blood Kills at Worlds?

And also consider who will get at least one pentakill. If a player plays more games, they are more likely to win these categories. For this, look at Major region teams in play-ins, that are expected to do well overall, like RNG, who will play more games than teams starting in groups.

The player who will get the best KDA is tricky, as there's a ton of factors, but for who will get the Pentakills, we have some stats for you. A number of players on the all-time most pentakills list will be at Worlds:

  • Ruler (7)
  • Comp (7)
  • Zven (7)
  • Gala (4)
  • Hope (4)
  • Unforgiven (4)

As always, the list is mostly AD Carries, but one of these players is a great pick for at least one Pentakill.

Lol Pickems Champions Tips

The Worlds meta is always hard to predict, as teams are playing on a brand new patch. To guess what champions we'll be seeing though, always check the patch notes for who's been buffed or nerfed.

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Some Champions recently buffed we'll likely see are:

  • Caitlyn
  • Maokai (Jungle)
  • Ashe
  • Lee-Sin
  • Thresh

Of course, if the meta fits around their playstyles. Some other we've seen lots this year that will likely feature less after a nerf are:

  • Kalista
  • Poppy
  • Lucian/Nami
  • Wukong
  • Sylas

If you need a little more help don't worry, as you can find our full list of recommended picks here, and as always find us on Twitter if there's anything you disagree with, or any questions.

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