Windbound: What is the BOTW-inspired Adventure about? Plot, Setting, Storyline, Lore, Consoles & more

Windbound is an indie game shaping up to be another exciting adventure experience.

The game is developed by 5 Lives Studio and has been in development for a few years.

Windbound is different from some other games they’ve developed due to its natural setting. They began development after the release of their last game Satellite Reign.

Continue below to find out more regarding Windbound’s Story, Character’s and more!


After a massive storm, your character, Kara, is left
stranded on an archipelago of exotic islands.

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FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT - There will be dangerous fauna which you'll need to fight to survive!

These islands where once home to a long-forgotten
civilization. Throughout the islands, there are clues that reveal the secrets of
the people who lived there.

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 The colours and feel of the islands are very similar to those seen in the game ‘Sea of Thieves’. Its overall feeling will make for an enticing and exciting experience.


You begin by waking on a mysterious island, as part of an archipelago. With little resources and tools, you must survive after losing the rest of your crew.

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AN INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE - Explore an open-world environment as Kara!

Explore the islands to discover the fauna and flora that have made the island their home. You’ll also discover some amazing sea creatures that continue to dominate the waves.

You can use your ship to traverse between each island,
unveiling new creatures, structures and secrets.

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Although there is little information regarding a linear storyline, we’re sure Windbound won’t disappoint!


The protagonist, Kara, will be the main character the player
controls and follows. You decide the journey she takes including what she
discovers, explores and improves.

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HEADED FOR A NEW ADVENTURE - Windbound is expected to release in August 2020!

There is unlikely to be any other ‘human’ characters due to
the nature of the islands, but a rogue survivor could be possible.

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You are more likely to come across creatures and ancient
ruins which tell more of a story than dialogue from other people.


Windbound’s trailer has been directed towards the PS4, meaning there are likely to be some sort of exclusive features.

However, the game will still be available on PS4, Xbox One,
Nintendo Switch and PC.

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No price has been announced as of yet but check back soon
for more information!

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