Halo Infinite: How to Save Your Progress

Launching three weeks after the multiplayer, the Halo Infinite campaign is finally here. While it has an open world, many of the missions are pretty linear, with tough rooms of enemies. Therefore, you'll want to save your progress in Halo Infinite so that you're not fighting the same grunts over and over again.

How to Save in Halo Infinite

Thankfully, saving is pretty easy in the campaign and it's done in two ways. As you'll see in the screenshot below, on the left side of the screen, a message can pop up saying 'Saving Checkpoint' or 'Saving Progress'.

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They won't necessarily pop up at the same time, and they do slightly different things.

'Saving Checkpoint' means that you'll come back to this point if you die, so it's the most regular way Halo Infinite auto saves. It's pop up pretty regularly, and helpfully sometimes in the middle of fights, provided you're not being attacked at the time.

However, 'Saving Checkpoint' will not carry over if you close the game or quit to the main menu.

'Saving Progress' is what will track full saves. Seeing that message pop up means you're safe to quit the game and will return to that point next time you load up your save.

Therefore, if you quit the game, you may find that you're further back in the missions than the last checkpoint you reached. That's because the actual saves aren't at every checkpoint.

If you want to quit the game, it's best to wait until you've seen the 'Saving Progress' message on screen.

Are There Manual Saves?

Unfortunately, there is no manual save option in Halo Infinite. You cannot head into the menus to force a save.

You'll have to rely on the auto saves throughout the campaign, but thankfully they're pretty well placed and really regular.

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