Does Halo Infinite have a Campaign Difficulty achievement?

Halo players have always been proud of being able to beat the game on its hardest difficulty. As is the case with this year's Halo Infinite, it would hate to let down the fans. Here's what you should know about its achievements and whether Halo Infinite has a difficulty achievement.

Does Halo Infinite have difficulty achievements?

Yes, Halo does have some exclusive difficulty based achievements. You can see them all below.

  • Bare Your Fangs - Complete the main campaign on Normal difficulty
  • Fight Hard, Die Well - Complete all main campaign missions on Heroic difficulty
  • Headmaster - Complete all main missions on Legendary with all Skulls active

Can You Play Halo Campaign Co-Op?

Unfortunately, there is no co-op mode planned for the Halo Campaign on release. This is due to change in the middle of 2022 but, for now, you will be totally alone.

This is a shame as playing co-op makes these campaigns much easier. If you're still struggling to get it finished in a few months, it may be worth waiting to take it on with your buddies.

How to beat Halo Infinite on Legendary Difficulty

Although it is very much the same old Halo, there are some brand new obstacles to work around.

The Halo Infinite Campaign has some open-world style sections to it this time so this is a new obstacle to work around. On the highest difficulty, a single sniper can pose a huge threat. For this reason, take each area nice and slow - picking off a single enemy at a time.

Cover is your biggest asset in Halo so make sure you use it. Also, as we stated in our review, the Grappleshot is an excellent addition that lets you get away when you're really in danger.

Learn all your evasive tools and take the game at your own pace. With enough patience, you should be able to take it down.

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