Is Halo Infinite Open World? The campaign's map explained

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After such a long time, Xbox's flagship series, Halo is finally back. The multiplayer has already landed with a bang but we're now waiting for the single-player to live up to the hype in front of it. If you're looking to get started and are curious about that open world influence, here's what you should know about whether Halo Infinite is open world.

Halo Infinite Campaign Release Date

The Halo Infinite campaign officially launches on December 8th. This comes after a handful of delays and tonnes of small teases over the last few years. This is a hotly anticipated game and it's clear from the quality of the multiplayer that the team take this seriously.

This being said, release is not the end for halo Infinite and there is sure to be more updates over the next few years.


Is Halo Infinite Open World?

Though it may seem like a bit of a subjective distinction, Halo Infinite is an open world game like you'd imagine. While there's a large open world that everything surrounds, complete with bases to claim and fast travel points, many of the missions are very linear.

So, while there is one big open world area, the whole game is not treated like a traditional open world game.

Where will Halo Infinite go next?

As of right now, we now there are plans for a co-op campaign. This is likely delayed to allow the team to work around the limitations of such a big world. It's not quite as simple as just letting multiple players on the map. You have to change around puzzles, enemies and even mechanics.

Outside of this, over in the multiplayer, there are plans to bring forge to the game, alongsdie seasonal events and big updates. If things go as planned, Halo Infinite will be a much bigger game this time next year.