Rockstar's Latest GTA Game May Bypass Last-Gen

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is perhaps the most highly anticipated game of all time, and it hasn't even been officially announced yet.

There has been many rumours and a lot of speculation regarding its release, but so far the game remains unannounced and hasn't been officially acknowledged by Rockstar, although it is fair to assume it is in development.

But which platforms is it being developed for?

Will GTA 6 Be On PS4?

The PlayStation 4 launched way back in November 2013, becoming one of the best selling consoles of all time, selling over 110 million units.

In November 2020 we saw the release of the next-generation PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 console and controller
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ELUSIVE: Millions of players are unable to get their hands on the next-gen system.

So far the console has been largely sold out across the world, with millions of players still unable to grab the new system.

During the transitional phase of the new consoles, usually the first two years, we often see games release on both generations of consoles.

This usually means that we don't get to see the true potential of the console until the previous console is discontinued as games are made with the previous consoles in mind.

As of right now, GTA 6 is unannounced, but the rumoured release date is in late 2023, based on Take-Two's marketing budget for 2023/2024.

GTA V Michael Key Art
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SILVER: GTA V has sold over 135 million copies making it the 2nd best selling game of all time.

This would mean the PS5 will have been out for three years, which would make the PS4 10 years old and likely discontinued by that point.

So it is extremely unlikely that GTA 6 will be releasing on the PS4 as Rockstar will be looking to take full advantage of the next-gen hardware.

Later this year we will see GTA V ported to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, giving Rockstar an opportunity to develop for the next-gen systems before launching GTA 6 in the future.

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