GTA 6: Did Rockstar Tease Reveal Date In Latest GTA Online Update?

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Many fans, including us, are clamouring to get hold of any little detail about GTA 6.

Which is understandable because its been 7 years since GTA V and Rockstar haven't even given us the tiniest little detail about GTA 6.

Or have they?

Did Rockstar Just Tease GTA 6?

In a recent GTA Online update, the Vetir vehicle was added to the game.

To showcase it they released a promo image of the truck with the name VETIR.

While on the surface this just seems like a regular promo image, looking deeper into it could hold some clues.

GTA Online Vetir Promo Art
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SNEAKY: Did Rockstar just tease GTA 6 with this image?

In the image, we can see various parts of the letters broken up, with some parts being more highlighted than others.

The I section of the E stands out alongside the V (VI, 6?).

Part of the T makes it look like a 7, and then there is I (1), and half of the R looks like another 1.

So that gives us VI 7 11.

Since Americans like to date things in a weird way, who goes month day year? that's just weird, this could read as July 11th, which now that I type it like that it makes sense, but for dates, it looks weird.

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July seems like a strange time to announce such a huge game, normally this would be done at either E3, although we likely aren't getting E3 again this year, or in the Autumn.

If we were going off British dating then it would read as November 7th, which would make more sense, GTA V was revealed on November 2nd.

There is also a rumour that GTA VI will be revealed at the SuperBowl this weekend.

So right now we have three possible reveal dates, February 7th, July 11th, and November 7th.

GTA Vice City Loading Screen art
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WELCOME TO MIAMI: The current rumoured location for GTA 6 is Vice City

Or, the font for VETIR was just done because it looks military-themed and Rockstar didn't tease anything and we can go back to looking for any scrap of information to hype ourselves up for GTA 6, which has never been confirmed to exist.

Rockstar, please give us GTA, it has been far too long since we got a new GTA game.

The PS2 saw three main series GTA games, GTA V has seen 3 generations of PlayStations.

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