GTA 6 Could Revisit A Classic Location From The Series

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Fans can not wait to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto 6, despite not being officially announced by Rockstar.

There has been many rumours and a lot of speculation surrounding the game, but so far the game remains unannounced and hasn't been officially acknowledged by Rockstar.

One question everyone wants to know is, where will it be set?

Will GTA 6 Be Set In London?

While much of the GTA series has centred around Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas, which are based on New York, Miami, and Los Angeles respectively, the game has made its way across the pond too.

1999 saw two expansions for the original Grand Theft Auto that were both based in London, GTA London 1969, and GTA London 1961.

Unfortunately, back in 1999, the games were top-down, which meant we didn't get to see the beauty of England's capital and it has never featured in a 3D Grand Theft Auto game.

So GTA 6 could be the perfect time to revisit the city.

Recently we have seen games such as Watch Dogs Legion be set in London, showing that there is a demand for more games to be set in the UK rather than always being in the US.

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LOST IN TIME: Many fans don't remember GTA London.

As of right now, we don't know where the next entry in the series will be set, so it very well could be London.

But the current rumour is that it will be set in Vice City and may feature other locations such as South America and Chicago.

As of right now, GTA 6 is unannounced, but the rumoured release date is in late 2023, based on Take-Two's marketing budget for 2023/2024

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