GTA V Online: 3 updates we want to see - Red Dead crossovers, treasure hunts & more

GTA online has been going strong since October 2013, keeping gameplay fresh with a variety of updates over the years - for example, the recent Diamond Casino heist update really upped the bar.

However, if the game is to avoid going stale it needs new life breathing into it.

One major way Rockstar could rectify these claims is by improving and expanding the already great elements within the game.

Keep reading for three things that we'd like to see come to GTA online in the near future.

Fewer Heist Restrictions

One element that made the main GTA 5 game so enthralling was the heists, and the online version of the game's heists are just as entertaining.

Heists have been a staple of the online game since as far back as 2015, introduced as part of the Heists update.

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Since then they have gradually increased in intensity and rewards.

To set up a heist you must be rank 12 or above and must own a high-end apartment with its own heist planning room.

After you have successfully completed the first heist you are then free to become a heist leader.

gta online heists update
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INSIDE JOB: The Heist update revolutionised GTA online

However, you are still limited in what heists you can do because they must be unlocked in order and you need an increasing amount of front money to set up the heists.

This is an unfortunate downside to heists as it limits which heists you are able to play.

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The exclusivity system made sense when the update first came out, but now it's been out for a while, it would be great if players were granted more freedom around heist missions.

Being able to jump in and out of heists of different levels would bring a ton of novelty back to the popular game mode.

More treasure hunts

Another element that would improve GTA online would be to add more missions like the Double revolver treasure hunt.

These fantastic little missions are a welcome break from the mayhem and debauchery of the rest of the game and are perfect for when you are wanting some extra cash.

treasure hunt gta online
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POT OF GOLD: The current Treasure Hunt has 20 locations

loves a good treasure hunt and GTA online could benefit from adding more and
diversifying the prizes and potentially have you run into trouble to up the
stakes a little.

The popularity of the treasure hunt shows that there is room for more in the future, so only time will tell to see if Rockstar will deliver the goods.

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If you haven't completed the GTA online treasure hunt, you can check out our guide on how to do so here.

More Red Dead Redemption crossovers

Red dead redemption online has been killing it lately with new updates over the past year allowing the Western to catch up to GTA online.

Although how
amazing would it be if GTA featured more Red dead redemption crossover

Rockstar has recently been dipping its toes into these waters with the introduction of the Stone Hatchet mission where you can receive a brutal stone hatchet melee weapon after completing the bounties dead or alive.

stone hatchet red dead redemption
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CROSSOVER WEAPONS: Showing the potential for future crossovers.

completing this mission, you can also complete the Kills challenge which will
result in you getting a sweet $250,000 bonus and also unlock the weapon in Red
Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One.

crossover could be a sign of things to come for both of the online games and we
sure hope so.

These two Rockstar gems could easily spice up their online gameplay by doing various crossovers, igniting more life into GTA online.

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