Go toe to toe with GTA Online's newest Go Kart Deathmatch Mode - Full Auto

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Rockstar Games has added another new game mode to GTA Online and it's a good one! The Kart Krash: Full Auto deathmatch mode marries Go Kart racing and senseless violence in an explosive mix you won't want to miss. Here's everything you need to know.

Go Kart: Full Auto Deathmatch Mode is here!

Following this week's weekly update, Rockstar Games has thrown us a new game mode amongst the new Prize Ride Challenge and Los Santos Tuner car. There's going to be a new Go Kart-based mode and this one is all about destruction!

GTA Online has added Kart Krash: Full Auto as a new Rockstar-created Job in-game.

"Ahh turbo go-karts and senseless violence. They go together like pisswasser and wieners, the Penris building and harassment lawsuits..."

This week's Podium Vehicle is actually a Go Kart, so it might be worth checking out if you're wanting to jump into the new game mode.

Kart Krash can be played on Seven new maps!

As always, you can play Kart Krash - the Go Kart: Full Auto Deathmatch Mode - in a variety of different hand-picked locations in GTA Online's Los Santos. Some of these are more natural than others, with Rockstar Games making sure that each arena offers something different from the last.

You can check all of these out on the Rockstar Games Social Club Jobs list ahead of jumping into GTA Online yourself.

Go Kart Full Auto Deathmatch Mode GTA Online
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SPEED RACER - Everything feels faster in a Go Kart, right?

These modes are only available to up to eight players, but they're a great way to earn a bit of extra GTA$ and GTA RP while blowing people up! We can't think of anything much better than that.

" So hit that pedal, snatch a power-up, and grab your Machine Gun. It's time to take out the opposition in a Free-For-All or Team Fight."
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