Could GTA 6 be announced on the GTA V anniversary?

When it comes to when GTA 6 might release, it is safe to assume we're going to be waiting for quite some time yet, but maybe the release will be somewhat sooner.

Looking back at the most recent entry in the series, GTA V, the first teaser trailer was released back in October 2011, yet the game didn't launch until September 2013, nearly two years later.

The same thing happened with Red Dead Redemption 2, with the first trailer being released on October 20, 2016, and the game finally launching on October 26, 2018.

So, even if we finally get the announcement of GTA 6 this year, which speculation suggests we could, the game wouldn't actually launch until 2023, if it was to follow the same trend.

When Might GTA 6 Be Announced?

It has long been speculated that 2021 will see the official announcement of GTA 6.

There are reports that show that Take-Two will be spending a large amount of money on marketing in 2023/2024, $89 million to be exact.

$89 million isn't an amount of money a company spends on marketing unless they intend on recouping a lot more from that investment.

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WELCOME TO MIAMI: It is rumoured that GTA 6 will see players return to Vice City

One of the few games that could command a marketing budget that big is a new GTA game. A new Red Dead game is another one that could, but RDR2 only released back in 2018.

This further strengthens the theory that sometime in 2023 could be the release date for GTA 6, which would indicate that 2021 will be when GTA 6 will be officially announced, following previous patterns.

10 Year Anniversary

GTA fans on Reddit have also speculated that 2021 could be the reveal year based on it being the 10 year anniversary of the announcement of GTA V, with 2023 also being the 10 year anniversary of the game being released.

While that is a possibility, we wouldn't put our money on it. It's not something Rockstar has done in the past and, if anything, fans may just be annoyed that they've had to wait for an anniversary for news to drop.

However, an anniversary could be the perfect time to create excitement about more than a new game. Rockstar could celebrate all things GTA, with a reveal being just part of it.

I guess we'll just have to wait until later in the year to find out.

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