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The Fastest Cars In GTA Online

When looking for the perfect cruiser or a car to take on the very best in the GTA Online races, it helps to know where to look for the fastest cars.

We've put together a list of some of the speediest cars available in GTA Online. All of these vehicles will have their cost attached but this does not include the cost of any potential upgrades. The stats featured are fully upgraded versions of these cars.

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Vapid Imperator

This Vapid muscle car was made available as part of the Arena War update. It is also known as the Apocalypse Imperator and it can be purchased from ArenaWar.tv.

GTA Online Vapid Imperator
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Like a cross between K.I.T.T and Death Proof

It'll cost you $2,284,942 brand new which isn't exactly pocket change but is well worth the investment. The top speed comes in 116.1mph base and 141.6 when boosted.

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Declasse Scramjet

This 50's inspired supercar will run you a cool $4,628,400 and was added as part of the GTA Online After Hours update back in 2018.

GTA Online Declasse Scramjet
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Other liveries are (thankfully) available

Despite more than doubling the cost of the Imperator, you're only getting access to just less than 7mph extra. The Scramjet tops out at 123mph with no boost, and 144.2mph when boosted.

Annis Apocalypse ZR-380

Another entry from the Arena War update, this heavily armoured ZR-380 has a fairly standard sports car exterior.

Among the fastest GTA Online cars, this probably looks the most like a car you may find out on the streets in the real-world!

GTA Online Apocalypse ZR380
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Slick, sleek and dangerous

Like the Imperator, it can be purchased from ArenaWar.tv and will set you back $2,138,640 brand new.

A great price when you look at the top speeds it can achieve. You'll reach 122.4mph without nitro and 147.3 with nitro boost. Amazing speed for the value.

Grotti Vigilante

Who doesn't want to drive the Batmobile? Okay so maybe it's a bit of a rip-off but its the closest you'll get without mods in GTA Online.

GTA Online Grotti Vigilante
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Yep, it's a Batmobile all right

Coming in at $3,750,000 it's not the most expensive on this list, but it is the fastest. It achieves a boosted top speed of 151mph while it's base speed is still super impressive at 123mph.

The Vigilante was added back in 2017 as part of the Smuggler's Run update and you can purchase the car from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Coil Rocket Voltic

The final car we'll showcase today is the Rocket Voltic from Coil. This supercar is all about the boost as it has what appears to be a rocket thruster attached to its rear.

Because of this, it's boost speed is ridiculous coming in at 139.8mph compared to its base top speed of 105mph.

GTA Online Rocket Voltic
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Because why not attach rocket parts to a civilian car.

The recharge on the boost is a lot longer than standard vehicles because, well, it has a rocket thruster attached to it. Its only fair.

The car will set you back $3,830,400 and was added as part of the Import/Export update in 2016.

For a more expansive list, check out the video below from SD1ONE on YouTube