GRID 2019 - Everything you need to know: Review, Release Date, Full Car List, Ultimate Edition, Tracks, AI, Nemesis Mode, Fernando Alonso & much more

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GRID, Codemasters' latest racing game, is now fully available on the market.

Full access with the standard version became available on Friday 11 October.

While the announcement of Need For Speed Heat has stolen some of its spotlight, it is a game that absolutely deserves your attention.

Five years have passed since the release of GRID Autosport and there's plenty in this year's edition to attract both new fans and reclaim the old ones.

After nailing both F1 2019 and DiRT 2.0 so far in 2019, Codemasters are on a high, and GRID can make it a perfect year for the British developers. This includes a new handling model, new cars, tracks, and a new philosophy is behind the game, and here's everything we know so far!

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Release Date & Price

GRID is set to drop on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 11 October, with 3 days early access available via the Ultimate Edition.

The console base game will cost £49.99, with the Ultimate Edition coming in at £69.99. On Steam the base game will be £44.99 with the Ultimate Edition costing £64.99.

Order GRID for Xbox One, PS4, & PC now by clicking here!

What does the Ultimate Edition get you?

Along with the precious 3 days of early access, ordering the Ultimate Edition will get you a lot of cool extras.

  • Season 1-3 access
  • GRID Edition Aston Martin Vantage GT4
  • GRID Edition Pontiac Firebird Modified
  • GRID Edition Chevrolet Corvette CR7.R
  • GRID Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Time Attack
  • GRID Edition Renault R26
  • Additional Player Cards
  • Additional Player Banners
  • Unique Liveries
  • VIP Status

Where Sim Racers go to have fun

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This quote from Game Developer Chris Smith has stuck with me since RealSport got special early access to the game back in July, because it perfectly describes the experience that Codies are aiming for.

GRID is labelled as being around 80% simulation and 20% arcade in terms of its gameplay style, allowing you to drive cleanly and smoothly if you want, but also gives you the option to be the last of the late brakers and really slide the cars into the corners.

The latter is probably not the fastest method to tackling the circuits, but it is definitely the most exciting. The handling is realistic, though, as the same team which were behind Dirt 2’s handling model have been employed here.

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Fernando Alonso & the AI

From stock cars racing around Shanghai’s streets to open-wheeled single seaters at Silverstone, there’s a huge variety of cars and tracks on offer in GRID. For fans of real life motorsport, too, there's a huge name that you can take on.

Fernando Alonso will be featured as a rival that you can race head-to-head against in GRID. For fans of Formula 1 that miss the Spanish legend in the F1 games, this will feel very nostalgic.

Don't let that detract from the rest of the AI you'll be facing, though, as there's a complex “Carographer” which has 400 unique combinations of AI. They're ranked using attributes such as speed, consistency and their aggression. This adds to a bespoke nature of every race and keeps you on your toes. Much like a real life race, you can predict what a specific driver will do to pass you, which really humanises the artificial intelligence.

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It should also be mentioned that Fernando Alonso's racing team (FA Racing) have a dedicated series in GRID where you can race against El Nino himself. Speaking of which, the series on offer have become much more accessible than before.

For Casual and Hardcore Fans

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The aim of the game is still to unlock and win the GRID World Series, but there's a subtle difference that will attract more casual fans to the game. You no longer have to win every race in a series order to unlock the series final.

For the completionists amongst us, you can still do so, but for those with not as much time to play, this allows us to progress to the GRID world series in a reasonable amount of time. This also stops the races becoming repetitive, but I doubt this would’ve been an issue, anyway.


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On the online front, there’s a lot to achieve, as there’s 500 levels to progress through, which are made up of five prestige blocks with 100 levels each. Codemasters have said they don't envisage anybody hitting that ceiling anytime soon, so there’s a challenge for the hardcore gamers out there.

The Developers also explained that their main goal is to make a fun game that’s accessible to all gamers. They have confirmed that there will be DLC for GRID that will be released throughout the game’s life cycle and that even those with the “standard” edition of the game will be able to access it.

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GRID has a massive amount of cars available for you to race in. Everything from the classic Mini Cooper to the World Championship winning Renault R26 Formula 1 car is waiting for you.

There are 60+ vehicles to choose from, with thousands of livery and colour combinations to make each car your own. With stock cars, GTs, and epic single-seaters you can race to your hearts desire.

You can see a full list of the cars available in GRID here

Nemesis Mode

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Nemesis mode is the flagship gameplay feature of GRID.

If you’re a clean driver who doesn’t crash into anybody and overtakes fairly, this isn’t something you’ll experience much. For the rest of us, though, here’s what to expect. If you continuously crash into a specific driver, they’ll become your “Nemesis”, much like they would in the real world.

It’s not as if your nemesis will then become a homing beacon for your car. Instead, it’s much more realistic, as your nemesis will make your life difficult when you’re together on track by taking blocking lines into corners and fighting tooth and nail to keep your behind.

AI can also become nemeses with each other, although this is rare, but it provides them with a unique personality.

Finally, there is a special edition of the game, the "Ultimate" edition. New tracks are free for everybody, but there will be perks for those who purchase the Ultimate edition, as they own all the new cars that are available, rather than those with the standard who have to rent some of them with the in-game currency.


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We have been able to pour some hours into GRID and can say it is a superb racing game that every motorsport fan can enjoy. From stock cars to single-seaters and GTs, it has something for everyone. It's accessible and challenging depending on assist levels, and has a depth of character you wouldn't expect. You can read our full review here.

GRID will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 11 October 2019.

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