EA Sports PGA Tour Controls Guide: PS5, Xbox X|S, PC, Swing Technique & more

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ea sports pga tour controls guide riviera

It's finally time to take to the tees and get on EA Sports PGA Tour, but not before you know the controls!

There will be plenty to get used to regarding the gameplay of the new title, so it is important to get accustomed to the basics of the game so you can progress to become one of the best around.

Check out the controls guide for EA Sports PGA Tour on PS5, Xbox X|S, and PC below.

EA Sports PGA Tour Control Guide

There are two main areas of gameplay to understand the controls for in EA Sports PGA Tour, Pre-Address and Address, with each as follows:


Before you take your swing in EA Sports PGA Tour, you must first set up your shot. Position your aim, selecting from a variety of clubs and shot types, and add shape to your shot to manoeuvre around the course and change the spin of your ball.

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Shot ShapingR StickR Stick
Club DownL2LT
Club UpR2RT
Change Shot TypeL1 / R1LT / RT
Reset ShotX
Zoom / Slow Zoom (Hold)Y
Address BallXA
Hole MapTouch padView button
ScorecardOptions buttonMenu button
pre-address controls xbox pc ea sports pga tour
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Once you've lined up your shot, it's time to take a swing at it!

You can keep making adjustments to your aim and shot shape when addressing the ball, take a practice swing, or go back to pre-address if you need to make bigger changes.

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
SwingL StickL Stick
Practice SwingL3L Stick (Click)
Shot ShapingR StickR Stick
Change CameraR1RT
Zoom / Slow Zoom (Hold)Y
Back to Pre-AddressB
Hole MapTouch padView button
ScorecardOptions buttonMenu button
address controls ps5 ea sports pga tour
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Swing Technique

Just because you've lined up the perfect shot with the right club and shot selection, it doesn't mean your ball will go exactly where you planned.

This is because there is still the all-important swing to get right, which could make or break your game plan.

When playing a straight shot without any draw or fade, you will want to move the stick in a straight line down to up (to 6 o'clock then up to 12 on a clockface).

If you add draw or fade to your shot, the direction you move the stick in will mimic the shape, either going from bottom left (around 8 o'clock) up to centre (12 o'clock) or bottom right (around 4 o'clock) up to centre.

The closer your swing matches the line present in the on-screen display ball, the better your shot.

swing meter feedback ea sports pga tour
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TIMING IS EVERYTHING - A perfect swing is needed to play the best shots

Timing is also vital, with every shot in EA Sports PGA Tour based on three components: backswing length, forward swing speed, and swing plane (the path of your swing - which we have just covered).

Backswing length can produce an over-swing, under-swing, or perfect swing. Fast or slow swing speed can also occur. Both backswing length and swing speed impact the power of your shot.

There will be a marker on your golfer's swing meter which is where you should be aiming to change from your backswing (pulling back on the stick) to a forward swing (pushing the stick forward).

You will receive feedback on all the shots you play, allowing you to adjust your style until your tempo is perfect!

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Gameplay Settings

You can also change the gameplay settings in EA Sports PGA Tour, with four options to pick from:

  • Arcade: Provides you with exciting, larger-than-life mechanics like Power Boost and Spin Control
  • Pro: Gives you challenging gameplay paired with the aids and exaggerated mechanics of arcade
  • Tour: Has you playing like a top-tier professional golfer with more challenges and no aids
  • Simulation: The most challenging game style gives you the most difficult set of game mechanics
gameplay customisation ea sports pga tour
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PLAY YOUR WAY - Customise various settings to get your ideal gameplay

If you want to take full control of your time on EA Sports PGA Tour then you can create your own Custom Gameplay Style, toggling various settings for a unique gameplay experience.

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