EA Sports PGA Tour Shot Types - All 20 "game-changing" shot types

ea sports pga tour shot type spieth bunker

ea sports pga tour shot type spieth bunker

EA has a brand-new sports title coming this year with the arrival of EA Sports PGA Tour in late March.

There is now a gameplay deep-dive available, showcasing all 20 of the new shot types that will be available in the game.

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EA Sports PGA Tour Shot Types

Taking to the course in EA Sports PGA Tour is not as easy as rolling up and whacking the ball down the fairway, you have a multitude of options.

With 20 "game-changing" shot types to choose from, you have all the tools at your disposal to take on the world's toughest courses.

Every shot has a "unique profile", providing different ball speeds, launch angles, and spin rates.

As each shot type is unique to both clubs and categories of players, there are over 1300 unique shot profiles in the game.


There are three shot types available off the tee, signified by a shield-shaped icon.

You can choose from either a Drive, Power Drive, or Stinger off the tee, so choose wisely.

For pure distance, a Power Drive will be the most effective although it will be less accurate.

In tricky, windy conditions, a Stinger will keep the ball low and produce a lot of roll, so make sure to keep it straight!


There are six shot types to utilise on approach, shown by the hexagonal badge.

A regular Approach shot will be consistent, with the Power Approach offering more distance but less control.

The Punch will keep the ball low and is useful in escaping hazardous areas and getting back into play.

Something new for golf gamers will be the Hack. This will be used only ever in the first cut or worse rough lies and has a smaller power penalty.

Short Game

One of golf's most crucial elements is the short game, and you have eight shot types to master from the circular badges.

Each shot type will offer a different amount of power, launch angle, and spin rates.

ea sports pga tour finau shot types
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FIND THE GREEN - There are so many ways to attack the pin

For example, a Runner will fly lower and roll out further than a standard Pitch.

Only two of these shot types are available to use in the bunkers, with the Blast and Pick your choices to get up and down.


The final section of shot types falls under Putting, with just three shot types available with a diamond-shaped badge.

Pretty standard, the Putt can only be used on the green or the fringe and is the standard putting stroke.

A Chip shot uses a wedge or short iron to lightly bump the ball in the air before rolling out, best used to avoid undulations or thicker cuts around the green.

Every amateur golfer's favourite shot type, the Texas Wedge will be available in the game, taking the putter from off the green!

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