Hoyoverse x Funko collaboration brings exciting Genshin Impact merch

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in the world, so it's just a matter of time before more companies work together with Hoyoverse to create products and content inspired by its beloved Gacha Game.

The latest collaboration comes from the merch company Funko. Very soon, we will have Pop! versions of some of Teyvat's favorite characters.

Here is what we know about when and how to obtain these new Genshin Impact Funko Pop! figures.

Genshin Impact Funko Pop! Release Date

The first batch of Pop! Figures are expected to become available on June 13, 2022 according to the product listings on Pop In A Box.

Those interested in the Pop! version, can pre-order now from Amazon and Funko Online Store. You can also sign up to be notified when the products are available for purchase.

Genshin Impact first batch of Funko Toys
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The First Characters to become Pop! are the main characters of Genshin Impact. The siblings and Paimon

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Genshin Impact First Funko Figures

The first characters from the Funko collaboration will be the three protagonists of the story. Lumine, Aether, and of course Paimon.

Fans can purchase the three Genshin Impact Pop! Toys for $36 or $12 each.

Second Batch of Genshin Impact Funko Toys
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NEW Genshin Impact Pop! are in the Making

Along with the three first figures, Funko announced that they are in the last stages of the second wave of characters.

The characters arriving next are:

  • Keqing the Electro character may not be a strong character, but she is definitely the most popular character for collaborations.
  • Diluc, The Dark Knight hero from Mondstadt is getting some love recently, first with his Pop! Version and soon in Genshin Impact 2.8 Diluc will get a new skin.
  • Hillichurl, who is undoubtedly the most interesting design. This will be the first time one of the bad guys of the game is taking part in a collaboration.

It wouldn't be a surprise if very soon we see Klee and other popular characters make the cut as well, as fans will want to see plenty Genshin Impact characters represented with Pop! figures.

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