Genshin Impact 2.8 Shikanoin Heizou Farming Guide: All Ascension & Talent Materials

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The release of Genshin Impact 2.8 is on the horizon. The summer update will bring exciting new content with the return of fan favorites like Kazuha, Klee, Yoimiya and the Golden Apple Archipelago.

But no everything is reruns, we are getting the first male catalyst user. His name is Shikanoin Heizou, a 4-star Anemo character.

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For that reason, we've prepared our farming guide with all materials, the best weapons so travelers can prepare ahead for the new character Heizou.


Heizou Release Date

Shikanoin Heizou banner will arrive in the first phase of the Genshin Impact 2.8 update that is expected to arrive on July 13, 2022.

Heizou is the latest new character before the arrival of Sumeru, it is possible he is sharing a banner with Kazuha. Something we will know for sure during the Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream.

Genshin Impact Heizou's Farming Guide

Shikanoin Heizou is a young detective working for the Tenryou Commission in Inazuma. According to Ayato and Sara, he is a brilliant and trustworthy investigator.

Hoyoverse designed Heizou as a pretty unique character. He is the first male catalyst user, and the shortest of all the boys in the game.

Heizou's Elemental Burst will cost only 40 particles! We think this will really shake things up across the board on launch.

In a video listed on the Epic Games Store, apparently by mistake, we can see the abilities of Shikanoin Heizou in action, the scenes are part of the Genshin Impact 2.8 trailer.

See these abilities in action below


Ascension Materials

These are the ascension materials you'll need for Heizou:

Runic Fang

Character level up material, dropped by the new boss Ruin Serpent, the boss introduced in the ver. 2.6.

  • This boss is located in the west caves in The Chasm: Underground Mines.
  • Players need x46 Runic Fangs for Lv. 90 Heizou.
  • The Ruin Serpent drops 2-3 pieces of these materials once it is defeated for the cost of 40 resins.


These bugs are a specialty of Inazuma, and you can find them climbing trunks of trees.

  • Players need x168 Onikabutos for a Lv. 90 Heizou.
  • The best locations to find these insects are Seirai Island and Narukami Island.


Common Ascension Material dropped by the Fatui Agents: Fatui Skirmishers, Fatui Cicin Mages, and Fatui Pyro Agents.

  • To level up Heizou to Lv. 90 travelers require:
  • 18 Recruit's Insignia
  • 30 Sergeant's Insignia
  • 36 Lieutenant's Insignia

Talent Materials

Fatui agents are the military force of the Genshin Impact Cryo Archon. They are strong, elite enemies that harness all the elements.

To level up Heizou's Talents to the max, players need:

  • 18 Recruit's Insignia
  • 66 Sergeant's Insignia
  • 93 Lieutenant's Insignia

Transience Series 

Talent-level books that players can obtain in the Violet Court domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

  • To max Heizou's Talents, players need to collect:
  • 9 Teachings of Transience
  • 63 Guide to Transience
  • 114 Philosophies of Transience

Trounce Domain: End of the Oneiric Euthymia

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto is the name of the new weekly boss. Players need to battle the Raiden Shogun, the puppet created by the Electro Archon.

Raiden Shogun boss in Genshin Impact
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RAIDEN SHOGUN: The weekly boss in Genshin Impact will drop materials for Heizou Talents

The Raiden Shogun will drop The Meaning of Aeos when defeated.

  • Shikanoin Heizou needs 18 of this material for max Talents.

Vayuda Turquoise

Additionally, players require Vayuda Turquoise, common crafting material for Anemo Characters in Genshin Impact.

  • Vayuda Turquoise is dropped by the following Normal Bosses:
    • Duvalin
    • Anemo Hypostasis
    • Magguu Kenki

Best Weapons

Heizou seems to be a character that works best with weapons with high DMG output.

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Looking at Heizou's kit, the best weapons 5-star weapons for him will be the Skyward Harp, and the Lost Prayer of Sacred Winds. Both will increase the Crit. DMG of his Elemental Burst.

The Widsith and Sacrificial Fragments, are also good 4-stars options for Heizou. Both will boost the Elemental Mastery, though each weapon will require a different playstyle.

The best F2P option is the event catalyst Oathsworn Eye, which was rewarded in the Enkanomiya Event, Three Realms Gateway. If you have this weapon already, Heizou is a great fit.

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