Genshin Impact's Wanmin Welcome Web Event is here

miHoYo has launched a new web event for Genshin Impact titled A Wanmin Welcome.

As with most of their web events, A Wanmin Welcome is a simple event that takes only around 5 minutes daily to earn up to a total of 450 free Primogems, among other rewards.

Genshin Impact players can access A Wanmin Welcome on their PC or mobile devices.

Genshin Impact's A Wanmin Welcome

Wanmin Welcome intro screen
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WELCOME: A new Genshin Impact web event to earn Primogems!

It is a beautiful day in Liyue Harbor, and Xiangling is up to her knees in orders at the Wanmin Restaurant!

A Wanmin Welcome has Genshin Impact players helping Xiangling fill orders by choosing a table to serve and prepping all the dishes required before serving them to customers.

Each table offers a different set of rewards, though each will provide players with 50 Primogems on completion.

Other rewards include Mora, Hero's Wit, and Crystals.

Each day, players will need to complete daily events such as visiting Genshin Impact social pages and sharing the web.

Completing these daily tasks will earn players cooking attempts to help complete tables.

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Cooking Dishes

Genshin Impact Wanmin Welcome cooking screen
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COOK: The mini-game is a simplified version of in-game cooking.

When Genshin Impact players choose a dish to cook, they are presented with a stripped-down version of the cooking menu from the full game.

All players need to do to complete a dish is click the button when the wooden spoon is within the shaded portion of the meter.

Once all the dishes on a table are completed, players can serve them to customers to earn in-game rewards delivered via Genshin Impact's mail system in the Paimon Menu.

While it is impossible to complete every dish in a single day, if A Wanmin Welcome is like the previous Genshin Impact web events, it will be no problem to collect every single reward if players participate every day.

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Get Cooking!

Genshin Impact's A Wanmin Welcome screenshot
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XIANGLING: Help Xiangling fufill orders at the Wanmin Restaurant.

A Wanmin Welcome launched today and will run until March 25, 2021.

The event is optimized for mobile devices and provides a QR code (seen in any of the above screenshots) for easy access on Android or iOS.

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The event is fully playable on any web browser for those who do not have or do not wish to use a mobile device.

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