Genshin Impact Outland Gastronomy Daily Login Event

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A new Daily Login Event is headed to Genshin Impact with the upcoming 1.4 updates.

The Outland Gastronomy event uses imagery from the KFC collaboration in China, though these event does not tie together directly.

Genshin Impact players can earn great rewards just for signing in to the game with seven days of rewards available.

Free Primogems and More

Genshin Impact Outland Gastronomy banner
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PRIMOGEMS: Players can earn up to 300 free Primogems via Daily Login

Sporting their attire from the Genshin Impact KFC collaboration in China, Diluc and Noelle headline the upcoming Outland Gastronomy Daily Login Event.

Starting as soon as Genshin Impact 1.4 releases, the event will run until April 1st, 2021.

There are a total of seven rewards players can earn just by logging in to Genshin Impact for a total of 300 free Primogems, as well as other goodies:

Each Login Day prize is as follows:

  • Reward 1: Hero's Wit ×3
  • Reward 2: Recipe: Exotic Gourmet ×1
  • Reward 3: Primogems ×100
  • Reward 4: Mora ×50,000
  • Reward 5: Hero's Wit ×5
  • Reward 6: Recipe: Golden Fried Chicken ×1
  • Reward 7: Primogems ×200

New Recipes

While there is no sign of the KFC Wing Glider, which should arrive in Genshin Impact outside of China in July, the Golden Fried Chicken recipe as a reward on Day 6.

There is no direct reference to KFC here.

Still, most Genshin Impact players who follow the game will connect the imagery used, the title of the event, and the recipe for delicious fried chicken with the popular restaurant chain.

The other new recipe, Exotic Gourmet, is not as descriptive, so there is no telling exactly what it is at this point.

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How Will Players Earn the KFC Wing Gliders


Since the Outland Gastronomy Daily Event uses the same imagery as the Chinese KFC collaboration, does that mean the rest of the world will receive the KFC Wing Gliders in July through some other means?

It does not make much sense to run the game promotional imagery a few months down the line.

Unless Genshin Impact and KFC come up with new promotional materials for global collaboration in July, there is no telling how the exclusive Wing Gliders will end up in the hands of players unlucky enough not to get Fried Chicken from their favorite Genshin Impact characters.

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