What is the best Qiqi build in Genshin Impact?

Qiqi is arguably one of Genshin Impact fans more favoured characters. Maybe it's the cute design, or because of her lore of being a zombie kept alive by her Cryo Vision.

Gameplay-wise, she's no slouch. Players have labeled her as the best healer in the game due to the way her skill, Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost, scales from her attack stat and applies Cryo damage to nearby enemies.

Much like Jean, being on the offense makes the healing more effective, but the cute zombie has an additional trump card in her burst: Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune.

The Burst introduces the special Fortune-Preserving Talisman mark that gets applied when enemies get hit by it or a normal attack after unlocking her fourth ascension Talent. Whoever deals damage to marked targets will have their health regenerated.

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Qiqi Best Artifacts

The Talismans applied from her Burst can be procced by other characters, meaning she can be switched out immediately after activating it. If your playstyle is simply utilizing the Adeptus Art to its fullest extent, then a full set of Noblesse Oblige should do to increase the Burst damage, and give the party an attack buff to work with afterwards.

Alternately, if you need a little more Cryo punch to her skill, you can instead run a 2-2 split set with Blizzard Strayer to increase the element's damage.

Gladiator's Finale can also work as a workaround because of the heal being tied to Qiqi's attack value, so the flat attack per cent increase is a welcome addition. You can run a full set with it if you want to make Qiqi attack more often, but just two artifacts from this category can easily do.

Qiqi also happens to be one of the few characters who can make use of the Maiden Beloved artifact set. Running two of this set piece to be mixed and matched with the others above should be fine, but you can also cheese it by running a complete 4-set as it synergizes with her abilities and constant healing.

Qiqi in Genshin Impact
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Qiqi is one of the few characters who can use the Maiden Beloved artifact set

Qiqi Best Weapons

The only downside to Qiqi's healing prowess is that the cooldown on her abilities are pretty long, especially if a fight gets too drawn out. Particularly, her Skill will need thirty seconds before it can be activated again, thus her heals normally come from hitting Talisman-marked enemies.

Swords with Energy Recharge should help the kid have her Preserver of Fortune at the ready more often. Skyward Blade synergizes with her as soon as she activates the Burst, the Favonius Sword helps with the energy received from Elemental Orbs, and Sacrificial Sword has a chance of immediately refreshing the Skill cooldown after activating.

You can run Festering Desire as a budget option if you went through the Dragonspine event, but because of the long cooldown she doesn't get to use the Skill CRIT Damage boost all that often.

Qiqi appreciates any boost to her attack stat to make her healing capabilities stronger, so take note of the secondary stats and passive. Aquila Favonia has a notable passive that makes her regenerate health on occasion even without a skill.

Prototype Rancour is a craftable budget option for Qiqi, as attacking as her will increase her attack and defense incrementally up to a certain number of stacks. The Flute can also work as a staggered source of damage while on the attack. The Cool Steel is another budget option that's easy to max refine and synergizes well with her Cryo affinity.

Qiqi in Genshin Impact
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This zombie is deadly

Qiqi Best Teammates

You can't be called the best healer in the game if you aren't flexible in terms of team compositions. The Talismans she can apply for are already worth her spot in the team, and most main DPS units can maximize their worth.

Melt is seen as one of the strongest elemental reactions as of writing, because of the way the bonus damage is applied; Pyro being the activating element doubles the damage bonus. Main attackers like Diluc, Klee and Xiangling are great partners to go with once Qiqi is done setting up.

Superconduct aren't any slouches either, as proccing the reaction gives a physical RES down by a substantial amount. Keqing and Razor will have a field day if either Skill or Burst are ready for use. Beidou and a full constellation Fischl will benefit greatly as well.

Lastly, Freeze is one of the best crowd control contributors in the game with even a few seconds of no activity can be a window for big damage. Tartaglia and a Xinqiu with all six Constellations are going to make good use of Qiqi's Cryo synergy.

Mona is also worth a mention here due to the chain it could do from the Illusion Bubble trap setting up an easy Freeze reaction.

Qiqi Weapons Menu
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Which weapon will you choose for Qiqi

Qiqi Constellations

Qiqi's first Constellation lets her regenerate a small amount of energy each time her Herald of Frost skill hits an enemy. This is especially helpful in getting her Burst ready as soon as the cooldown is finished, and it rewards even better when paired with melee characters.

Her second upgrade lets her be a Sub DPS if you want to try it out, as it increases the damage of her normal and charged attacks on Cryo-inflicted enemies. This is especially synergistic with her abilities, so you can swing away as soon as you activate either.

The fourth Constellation inflicts an attack debuff onto an enemy when they're slapped with a Fortune-Preserving Talisman. This is easier to apply outside from her Burst, given that one of her Talents lets her have a chance to apply said Talisman from regular attacks.

Her final Constellation is a game-changing buff onto her own Burst, as activating the Adeptus Art revives all nearby fallen characters and gives them half HP to start with. Getting to this Constellation makes Qiqi only one of two characters that can revive a knocked-out character using an ability; the other one being a full Constellation Barbara, and both of them have a 15-minute cooldown on its revive effect.

A 5-star character should be strong enough without any Constellation whatsoever; any other upgrades accessed are of . This is a belief most players hold due to how hard it is to pull a character of that rarity that they want.

Fortunately, Qiqi is as strong as the rarity she holds, and any more improvements would add to her already incredible value.

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