Genshin Impact: Liben reveals new details around Sumeru, Fontaine, and a new Region in Marvelous Merchandise

The Marvelous Merchandise event is back in Genshin Impact 2.6, and travelers are meeting the event exclusive NPC Liben once more!

Liben is a merchant that carries in his bag Three Spheres from Dragon Ball and many Crystals from Honkai, returning with a new batch of Boxes o' Marvels and crucial information from other regions in Teyvat each year.

This time around, Liben has already revealed information on Sumeru, Fontaine, and a new Liyue Region during the Marvelous Merchandise event, so let's dive right in to what we've learned!

Who is Liben?

As we mentioned before, Liben is a merchant that offers rewards to players in exchange for common items in the recurrent event Marvelous Merchandise.

Liben will be in Mondstadt from May 6 to May 13 with new daily commissions throughout. Make sure to visit him daily to not miss Primogems and more rewards along the way!

While these rewards are an awesome addition, perhaps Liben's most valuable offering is the information he gives out each year instead.

Liben brings news from Sumeru

The last time we knew about Liben, he was working trading goods from Inazuma to Sumeru, including a commission made by a researcher from the Dendro Nation.

However, Liben is back in Mondstadt, running away from Sumeru.

  • Liben left Sumeru because a group of strange people showed up in the region.
  • It seems the Fatui and the Harbingers are pursuing the Gnosis of the Dendro Archon.
    • The game may introduce new Harbingers, considering La Signora is dead and Childe is chasing Scaramouche.
    • Pulcinella and Arlechino were mentioned in quests at The Chasm, and we know from the Genshin Manga that Dottore is sneaking into the Sumeru Academia.
Dottore in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Genshin Impact Manga
DOTTORE: One of the Fatui Harbingers, and an important character in the Genshin Impact manga.
  • Liben mentioned that there is unrest among the population of Sumeru and that a divine might intervention is necessary. The traveler? the Dendro Archon?
  • At last, Liben warns the traveler to stay away from Sumeru, but we know this will not stop the traveler.

Liben reveals a new Region between Liyue and Fontaine

In the same conversation, Liben mentioned the Qiaoying Village, the borderline region between Liyue and Fontaine (Hydro Nation).

  • Qiaoying Village is the Northwest Part of Liyue and, according to Liben, it is the easiest way to travel to Fontaine.
  • The region is known for the quality of its tea. The village performs an annual tea-serving ceremony using the wilted petals of Spiritscent Flowers.
Qiaoying Village in Genshin Impact
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Credit: CatWithBlueHat
QIAOYING VILLAGE: A new Liyue location based on previous mentions and Liben's news
  • The region is an intersection of the four regions: Monsdtadt, Liyue, Sumeru, and Fontaine. Therefore we can expect the area to be very active in commerce.
  • Like the Chasm, we may see Qiaoying Village in the future, just before traveling to Fontaine.

After Liben delivers all his Box O' Marvel Boxes, he will go back to Sumeru so that we may meet him there.

He is also planning to go back to Inazuma, as he cannot sell Mrs. Hina's Merchandise anywhere else.

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