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What is the best Genshin Impact Venti build?

When Venti was first released shortly after Genshin Impact launched, he quickly shot up the tier list not only due to his potent abilities and crowd control, but also because of his passives that allow him to be a top tier support and explorer at the same time.

With rumors that Venti will make his return in the upcoming Patch 1.4, perhaps this would be a perfect time to start preparing in advance if you want to add the liquor-loving bard to your roster.

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Best Venti Artifacts

One of Venti’s strengths is that he innately gets more Energy Charge as he Ascends more and more. This allows him to quickly charge up his Elemental Burst, Wind’s Grand Ode, as a battle continues on. The supercharged Energy Recharge is further augmented by his second unlockable Talent, Stormeye, where he gets more Energy after firing the Burst not only to himself, but to allies of a corresponding Element that was absorbed by the swirl.

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If you want to make full use of Venti’s full Anemo prowess, one suggestion to go for an would be a split set of Noblesse Oblige and Viridescent Venerer, which boosts the power of Wind’s Grand Ode. As for percentages, if you can luck out in getting Ameno DMG percentages, the better it will be for Venti’s skills. Otherwise, ATK percent bonuses are perfectly fine.

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Despite his overall power with his Skill and Burst, his normal and charged attacks are no slouches either. While the game says Venti attacks six times, he actually launches eight projectiles—doubling the shot arrows on the 1st and 4th attack animation. Meanwhile, if you luck out in getting Venti’s first Constellation (Splitting Gales), it allows him to fire an additional arrow in every charged or aimed attack.

You can mix up a set of Gladiator and Wandering Troupe artifacts if you want to keep a balance between both playstyles, or take full advantage of the double Anemo arrows with a complete Wandering Troupe set.


Best Venti Weapons

If you’re focusing on pure crowd control with Wind’s Grand Ode, you’re gonna want to either increase your Energy Recharge to keep it ready as soon as the cooldown timer is up, or continuously augment your Skill and Burst. If you get the Favonious Warbow, Sacrificial Warbow (both provide Energy Recharge) or The Stringless (which boosts Skill and Burst damage) in your pulls, Venti will appreciate it if you let him equip it.

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When the normal and charged attacks are more prominent, then you’re gonna want to increase overall damage output and turn the bard into a backup DPS unit. Here are a few options:

  • Compound Bow not only increases your damage, but the attack speed animation as well up to a soft cap;
  • The Viridescent Hunt boosts his CRIT rate and becomes a third source of crowd control. Amos’ bow increases the overall attack bonus,
  • Rust is also viable with a massive normal attack boost, but take note that it has a demerit of lowering the damage of Venti’s aimed shots;
  • and Skyward Harp has the highest attack stat with a CRIT rate that can inflict area-of-effect damage as a substat.

For budget options for F2P players, Sharpshooter’s Oath and Messenger will benefit those that can exploit an enemy’s weak point, and Slingshot rewards consistently hitting the target with incremental damage increases.

Best Venti Team

With Venti’s main role as an Anemo Utility powerhouse, you can be very flexible with the DPS of your choice. Picks like Diluc, Childe, Razor, Fischl, Kaeya are all viable because of their ability to synergize with Swirl reactions in both Skyward Sonnet and Wind’s Grand Ode.

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Meanwhile, an Anemo Elemental Resonance will reduce Venti’s already short cooldowns a notch, which will mean more frequent uses of both Skill and Burst. Jean, Sucrose, and even the Anemo Traveler can work as supplementary teammates. Xiao also appreciates Venti’s Burst in tandem with his own Burst-powered plunging attack.


Geo characters might have a disadvantage for not being able to utilize the Elemental swirl mechanic, but Ningguang with her regular attacks and Burst can home in on enemies dragged into Wind’s Grand Ode, and Zhongli can drop Planet Befall onto them to continue the crowd control.

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Do You Need More Constellations?

In pure honesty, Venti is already powerful enough as is with no additional Constellation. Get him even just once, and you’re already set.

He singlehandedly set the benchmark on how potent a 5-star character, and it shows in the flexibility he provides in team-building.

Though, the aimed attack strategy might need an additional copy of the bard to unlock the first Constellation; but other than that, he’s strong even without the rest—a perfect addition to any team at his base form.

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