Genshin Impact and the Reroll Meta: How can you do it

Looking to Reroll in Genshin Impact? We've got you covered.

Despite its deep JRPG mechanics, Genshin Impact is still a gacha game and that means it's all about luck. If you don't get what you want from your Wishes, you can Reroll. In a way, anyway...

Below, we've got everything you need to know about the Reroll meta and how you can reroll in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Reroll Meta

We've mentioned the Reroll Meta above, but you might be wondering what this even means. Why is a concept like "Rerolling" considered a meta?

Well, when people talk about a Reroll in a gacha game they actually mean creating a new account.

When you start Genshin Impact, you get a pretty good amount of in-game currency that you can "roll" with. If you don't like what you get, you can create a new account and try again.

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This is what the "reroll" part of this all means. As a gacha game that thrives on loot box mechanics, Genshin Impact doesn't have any sort of real reroll feature in-game.

Genshin Impact Reroll Wish screen
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WISH SCREEN - This is what a Wish will look like in-game

Why should you reroll though?

Whatever the reason you may want a specific character or weapon, the only other way to unlock them if you don't roll them initially is to spend real money or grind.

That makes the idea of a reroll for Genshin Impact players one of the more appealing options available.

How To Reroll

When we talk about rolling in Genshin Impact, we mean opening Wishes and spending Acquaint Fates on Banners.

When you get to Level 5 in-game, you get 10 Acquaint Fates for free. This might take you a little while but this means you can get ten free "rolls" on whatever Banner you'd like.

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If you get what you were after, then happy days! That's all you need to know about it.

However, if you didn't, then you'll need to make a new account.

Genshin Impact Reroll Noelle
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NOELLE - If you missed out on Noelle, for example, you could have rerolled for her

If you're on PC or Mobile, this is as easy as logging out of Genshin Impact and heading to MiHoYo's website to create a new account under a different email.

From here, you'll need to work your way back to Level 5 to try again. This will be exactly the same as the first time around, so you should be able to get through it a little quicker than before.

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It is time-consuming, so if you'd rather just jump in and deal with what you got no one is going to blame you.

You can't do this on PS4

Sadly, due to the nature of how the reroll meta works with Genshin Impact you won't be able to do it on a PS4.

This is mainly due to the fact that your PS4 is linked to your PSN account and it isn't as easy to just "log out" of this.

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That being said, if you did want to do this on a PS4, you'd need to follow a similar process just make a new PSN instead of a new miHoYo account.

For the latest on the new banners coming to Genshin Impact, you can check out their social media channels here.

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