How to unlock Genshin Impact's hangout events

In Genshin Impact 1.4, Character Hangout Events are the perfect way to take a break from the action and adventure and spend some quality time with your favourite Genshin Impact characters.

Below, we have everything you need to know about what a Genshin Impact character Hangout Event is and how you can unlock them.

What Is A Character Hangout?

Character Hangout Events are, in a way, similar to the Character-specific Story Quests that miHoYo has added for 5-star characters.

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They're essentially conversations you can have with a Genshin Impact character. Each Hangout Event has a number of dialogue options to choose from and a "Heartbeat Value" that you have to keep high in order to succeed.

Genshin Impact Character Hangout Events Barbara
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BARBARA - Are you going to hang out with Barbara first?

It's a little unusual and reminiscent of a Dating Sim in some regards, but it's a nice way to further develop Genshin Impact's characters through more than just action-based quests and one-sided conversations.

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Currently, you can only play through a Hangout Event for one of four characters in Genshin Impact. However, miHoYo have stated that more will be coming in the future.

How To Unlock Them

Unlocking these Character Hangout Events in Genshin Impact 1.4 is actually pretty simple.

Like anything, though, there will be a few criteria you need to hit before they unlock.

Firstly, you need to be Adventure Rank 26 or above. This will come naturally with playing, but it means that if you're a newer player you have a little ways to go.

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In addition to this, you will also need to make sure you have finished Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom. Again, this is a Prologue mission that you have to complete so this only really applies to newer Genshin Impact players.

After you've done both of these, there will be a tab on the Story Quests screen with the Hangout Events and you can accept these quests from here.

Genshin Impact 1.4 Character Hangout Events Barbara Noella Chongyun Bennett
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HANGOUT - Which Genshin Impact characters would you want to see get a Hangout Event?

It's worth noting though that each one will cost two Story Keys to unlock, however, once you unlock one you can play through as many times as you'd like.

You can get Story Keys from completing Daily Commissions when you reach Adventure Rank 26. You get one Story Key for every eight Commissions.

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Barbara, Noella, Chongyun, and Bennett all have a Hangout Event for you to unlock and complete in Genshin Impact. For the latest on any new Character Hangout Events, check out the official social media channels for the latest updates.

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