Genshin Impact Vishaps Guide: Locations, Missions

Katheryne from the Adventurer's Guild has some new work for Genshin Impact players.

Work that will earn them valuable Primogems and other useful rewards.

In Genshin Impact's Vishaps and Where to Find Them event, players will have to send teams to investigate expeditions and hunt down Vishap bounties.

Starting the Event

Adventurer's Guild, Liyue
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BEGINNINGS: Talk to Kathryne in Liyue

To participate in Genshin Impact's Vishaps and Where to Find Them event, players must be at least at Adventure Rank 20 and then visit Katheryne from the Adventurer's Guild Liyue.

Katheryne from the Mondstadt chapter will not offer the option to start the event, only the one in Liyue.

Once players go through the brief introduction, they will be brought to a map of different ranked expeditions in the "Dispatch a Character on Expedition Screen."

Dispatching Characters on Missions

Dispatching Characters
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MAPPED OUT: Dispatch teams on ranked missions

Each day Genshin Impact players will be allowed to send teams on four different expeditions.

These are very similar to normal expeditions, except each mission requires at least two characters and has a set time frame.

Different missions will require different Elements to ensure a good outcome.

Players will want to make sure to fill each team until the chance of success reaches 100%.

Teams may consist of up to four characters plus an additional character from a friend's party.

There are S-Rank, A-Rank, and B-Rank missions.

The lower the rank, the easier the mission and the smaller the reward.

S-Rank missions provide the best rewards but are harder to reach a 100% success rate.

On the Hunt Bounties

Vishaps and Where to Find Them
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HUNT: Players can always check the event screen for info

After the first day of the Vishaps and Where to Find Them, players will have access to On the Hunt Bounties.

Like regular bounties, On the Hunt Bounties are available on the map, though Genshin Impact players will jump straight into the action when arriving at the locations.

Defeating the Vishaps at the bounty locations earn players extra rewards, though they can be tough, often containing multiple Vishaps in a single location.

Vishaps can change their active element, so it is essential to keep an eye on them and switch up your team accordingly to have the best chance of beating them.

Reap the Rewards

By completing events in the Vishaps and Where to Find Them event and completing On the Hunt Bounties, Genshin Impact players can easily earn 40 - 60 Primogems a day.

Other rewards include Mora, Here's Wit, Mystic Enchangement Ore, Ascension Materials, and Talent Level-UP Materials.

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